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  1. Spoke to MRC today and they said they are not doing the V4 anymore as it soon to be replaced by the v5 out very soon... (next month or so) Whats the low boost turbo you are referring to? Thanks J
  2. Thanks mate. I am leaning towards the the 470 package, whether thats TTE or Turbo Technics v4 - thats still undecided...but going for the safer tune makes more sense.. Good shout on the handling mods...will take a look. I have DCC so i guess could do cheaply...see how I feel with it. J
  3. Thanks mate - will see what they come back with! So you went with the TT v4 - sounds like you are happy with the results?! J
  4. Thanks for all the feedback guys! The TTE470R or Turbo Technic v4 seem like good options, I am looking for street use and occasional track days. I had a few Golf's before, v6, few GTIs including an ED30 but this is my first R! Thanks for the info GFarmer and RJW79 ...really good to know...I contacted MRC over the weekend and they are coming back to me with some options....on TTE470R and TTV4! MRC actually mentioned i should consider the TTv4 before I even asked..they also said they can help with all the other bits but all depended on the brands I was interested in..so I just said I will take their recommendations for now...but will filter through the site and reach out to you guys for any questions! I will look at the BCS exhaust and MSS Spring Kit..although what do people think about the Bilstein Coilovers? Anything better out there..handling is up there for me...any recommendations on giving a better ride and handling also appreciated. Cheers! Jason
  5. Thanks all - appreciate the insight. I got the part about stage 2 main requirements...seems pretty reasonable power gain vs cost! Out of interest any thoughts on the TTE470R? Reading about it, seems less drastic than the TTE525R and stock internals could probably manage it? Just looking at options before I settle on a plan...for now!
  6. Oh dear...not good! Thanks for the response! I thought would cost bit...obsession just ends up burning a hole in your wallet I guess! Stage 2 - whats that push if done properly, whats it entail? Cheers Jason
  7. Hi All I am new to the forum - so hello and thanks in advance for help! I have got a G7R DSG...and looking at spending some ££ on stage 3 upgrades...its completely standard at the moment..and aiming for 500bhp… I tried to pick up bits and pieces from the previous threads - so apologies if I am going over very old ground! But would appreciate feedback on below! Engine – Thinking of the below, sure I have missed something..so anything else I may be missing would be appreciated. - TTE525R (MRC Tuned) - WR Racingline R600 Air Intake - Wagner Competition Intercooler - Autotech HPFP - Muffler Delete - GFB DV+ - Forged Engine (Looking like I will opt for Race Developments) Things I am not sure about - would appreciate some recommendations…based on the spec I am planning, just good to know what people are using and the tried and tested! - Exhaust -Uprated Clutch kit - Suspension - Anti-Roll Bar/Sway Bar Kits - Engine Mounts/Bush kits - Big Break Kits Cheers Jason
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