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  1. Does anyone know which model RNS510 has built in DAB? I have a reversing camera so I’ve been told that is the one I need. The functionality of my 315 is fine, but the screen looks tiny in a Amarok. Thanks
  2. I’ve read on some forums that DAB can be activated via VCDS. Mine is a 2016 with Bluetooth, parking sensors and rev cam. Has anyone done this? Thanks
  3. Kev.k

    VW Amarok

    Due to a change in circumstances I had to shelve my plans to buy a R. Ive just bought a 2016 Amarok highline dsg. I really like everything about it apart from the speakers. I believe my headunit is a 310. I want to stick with it and keep everything oem looking, even if the screen is a bit small. Ive looked at various components for the front and coaxials for the rear on amazon and eBay. I was hoping to get some recommendations for speakers that work well with the head unit. I just want quality sound. Not a really bass heavy system with big subs and amps. Thanks
  4. Just seen it. Kind of disappointed it’s only a back box and not the “system” vw are falsely advertising. Still very nice. But expensive compared to a full akra evo system with carbon pipes for a m4.
  5. VW and Akra told me these weren’t available. Kind of disappointed it’s only a slip on though. I thought it was a cat back at least. Would it fit a mk 7? I expected a system like this for a £3k option from VW
  6. This is the type of deal I want.
  7. Discounts are much bigger than I expected. I can’t get my head around what early cars go for in comparison.
  8. Thats good to know. I thought it was only 310bhp facelift cars. 👍
  9. If a akra system is available it will be the same. If they make a akra eco with carbon pipes it will be at least £1000 more expensive.
  10. The 7.5 sounds better. Especially with the Akra.
  11. I wouldn’t order a new one without one. I love them on m3’s. I was told it was unavailable aftermarket? I contacted akra and vw when I was planning on buying a older car. Akra said they couldn’t supply as they made them for vw. VW said they were not available. If if it’s a full system. £3120 is a bargain for a akra.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Mind made up. 7.5 it is 👍🏻
  13. Lowest price I’ve had through car wow is £33,400 with DSG, DCC and Akrapovic. Not bothered about leather as I like the standard seats in the 7.5. Considering the the cost of aftermarket Akra systems (£5000 average) it’s tempting. More than I want to spend in all honesty but man maths says it makes more sense than £20k on a well spec’d 14 plate. I don’t understand why anyone would pay £29k for a used base spec 2017 7.5 with 7k miles.
  14. I agree. I think it’s even worse with early cars by comparison. Fully loaded 2014 cars are anywhere upto £23k. You can get a 2014 M4 for £27k.
  15. Thanks for the advice. I wasnt even even considering buying new as I hate the initial depreciation. I done it once in 2009 with a Brera v6 and swore I’d never do it again. I’ve always leased since. But a decent spec 2014 is around £20k so they hold their value better than most. I’m thinking the akra exhaust is £3k well spent too.
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