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  1. I don't think so. I only open the app to view my journeys once every couple of weeks or so. Its never not recorded a trip in the 6 months I've been using it, and the app was definitely not running in the background that whole time.
  2. Once i finally got the app working with it, its been really useful. It logs journeys, and being able to look back and see what time i arrived/left a job, what route i took (for congestion charge/toll) at any point in the past is massively useful when it comes to invoicing. Saves me a huge amount of time. I was told that none of that data goes to VW. There is a refuelling detection function - which i think can calculate the cost of a journey. This could be useful, although i haven't figured out how to make this work yet. There is also occasional value in the 'Last parking space' function if you forget. Apart from the above the rest of the functions seem pretty useless.
  3. Thanks guys. Though as much - it just seemed So exaggerated! Im sure in a day or so it'll feel normal again.
  4. I returned to my car yesterday after leaving it at the airport for a week whilst off on family hols. When i got in i noticed the brake pedal wouldn't depress - as if the engine had been turned off and the brake pumped a few times. I haven't noticed this before and have left my car unused for the same amount of time in the past. Started the engine and the brakes felt ok. I used the car this morning and again everything was normal. However last night and again today the steering feels really heavy. Not no-power-steering heavy. But heavier that i remember from a week ago! Are the brake and power steering systems completely separate, or could there be something in this that i should look into? Its the first time I've returned to the car and felt anything was off. I did have a hire car while away, which happened to be a Golf 1.4 mk7 hatch - it had ridiculously light steering, so its possible i got used to it and subsequently the R feels like a tank right now. Cheers
  5. Does anyone know if its possible to swap out the rear lights on a 2016 7R estate with clusters from a 2016 GTD. And visa versa. I am getting rid of my GTD hatchback after buying an R estate and would love to make the swap possible as the gtd rears look much nicer.
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