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  1. General Disarray

    Heavy Steering - 7R Estate

    Thanks guys. Though as much - it just seemed So exaggerated! Im sure in a day or so it'll feel normal again.
  2. General Disarray

    Heavy Steering - 7R Estate

    I returned to my car yesterday after leaving it at the airport for a week whilst off on family hols. When i got in i noticed the brake pedal wouldn't depress - as if the engine had been turned off and the brake pumped a few times. I haven't noticed this before and have left my car unused for the same amount of time in the past. Started the engine and the brakes felt ok. I used the car this morning and again everything was normal. However last night and again today the steering feels really heavy. Not no-power-steering heavy. But heavier that i remember from a week ago! Are the brake and power steering systems completely separate, or could there be something in this that i should look into? Its the first time I've returned to the car and felt anything was off. I did have a hire car while away, which happened to be a Golf 1.4 mk7 hatch - it had ridiculously light steering, so its possible i got used to it and subsequently the R feels like a tank right now. Cheers
  3. General Disarray

    Gtd Rear Lights into R

    Does anyone know if its possible to swap out the rear lights on a 2016 7R estate with clusters from a 2016 GTD. And visa versa. I am getting rid of my GTD hatchback after buying an R estate and would love to make the swap possible as the gtd rears look much nicer.