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  1. Cert8

    Almost ready to buy - need reassuring!!

    Like you said yourself, we see a lot more of these incidents being reported due to being on an R owners forum which makes it appear a lot more common than it really is. Of course it still does happen but I’d order it and enjoy it, especially if your area isn’t high crime/high car theft area
  2. Cert8

    Auto Hold and Stop/Start

    I also wonder if its something that can be coded as it would be handy
  3. Cert8

    Auto Hold and Stop/Start

    Ah, i think mine only does it if acc enabled, will need to double check. MY16 7R, yours 7.5?
  4. Cert8

    Auto Hold and Stop/Start

    If using ACC it will start when car in front moves
  5. Cert8

    Auto Hold and Stop/Start

    You don’t need to hold the brake, and to restart lightly tap accelerator, engine will start, press again to release autohold and start moving, this way stops the small jerk that you would get if you just press accelerator to go from engine off.
  6. Cert8

    New Member

    Have never timed it, need to get myself a dragy or vbox
  7. Cert8

    New Member

    For remaps you have a few places such as APR, Revo, MRC, Unicorn. I personally went Unicorn for ecu & dsg remap. With TT inlet, R600 intake & Milltek catback it made 393bhp/397lbft.
  8. Cert8

    New Member

    Very nice spec. Is it hatch or estate? Turbo Technics turbo inlet, gives better throttle response and an increase in bhp - cheapest place to get one is from VRS Northampton.
  9. Cert8

    New Member

    Nice, what options does it have spec'd? If you are looking to go stage 1 I suggest a TT inlet with an R600 intake for best results.
  10. Cert8

    1.5ltr's too much oil put in by VW

    Exactly mate. The big issue I had if they had driven it, the garage I go to sits at the entrance to dual carriageway, so would have been race mode straight onto that Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Cert8

    1.5ltr's too much oil put in by VW

    Wrote to VW on twitter, no response. Never took it any further as I had no proof they had actually driven it anywhere
  12. Cert8

    1.5ltr's too much oil put in by VW

    I had similar issue, dropped car off to be serviced, few hours later got the text to say it was ready. Picked it up around an hour later, coolant temp was still around 75, car in race mode (dropped off in eco). I now take note of mileage anytime I drop it off at garage
  13. Cert8

    Volume stuck in telephone mode

    Ive noticed a few bugs with the bluetooth connection. Eg If i play a video on my phone with audio coming through car the headunit wont let me turn the volume up - only down
  14. Cert8

    Pedal box?

    Pedalbox increases the throttle response, it has different settings so you can adjust to your liking. An engine map will increase power and 0-60 times. Exhaust options you can fit a res delete to the standard system, code the exhaust flaps permanently open, or go aftermarket, if sound is an issue get a valved system