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  1. Hi Booth & Dave, I am happy with my choice, I can’t see how the manual could be better for me in terms of driveability now that I’ve been driving this car around for a month. I couldn’t care less about Ring times etc, the DSG has plenty of grunt to put a smile on my face and it’s dead easy to drive in real world conditions, hopefully that’s a reasonable conclusion.
  2. Dave, I’m totally with you on this, I’m sure there was a guy quoting how great the manual is and then mentioned all the mods he had done to make it better, kind of tells you something doesn’t it. Having said that, I think I could be happy with a manual on B roads but that’s about it. I’ve driven this DSG car for a month and I don’t see how the manual would make me happy all of the time like the DSG does. I couldn’t care less about these tests either, does it really matter how quick these cars go around the ring, IMO it’s just become a battle of the manufacturers and funnily enough the cars that take the top spot keep changing and keep getting more and more costly. The bottom line for me is drive what you enjoy driving, the R is an amazing machine with a DSG or a manual. I love the fact that it isn’t as expensive as lots of other hot hatches like the A45 AMG, it spanks loads of cars that it shouldn’t and unlike the RS3 it’s amazing around bends too, just see what EVO magazine have to say about it. Just another thought to put out there guys, look at how the R did in the ECOTY test, surely we’re on the money with our car choice regardless of the gearbox.
  3. That’s a shame about your knee but the positive is that you have an R now which I’m sure puts a smile on your face too
  4. Oh Dave, the 350z is awesome, a mate of mine sold his yellow gran turismo editon about 2 years ago with hardly any mileage on it for £6.5k, wish I had bought that. I gotta have one at some point, I drove one when they were new, these things fly
  5. Thanks Pehzy, there’s no doubt that they would improve the stance, glad that you’re happy with them. For me, Norman hit the nail on the head so I’ll be going for genuine VW alloys
  6. It was a nice feeling, I see this R being a bit of a giant killer
  7. Well said Evans and in fairness having lived with your manual car for 2 & a half years puts in a great position to vouch for the manual box. I’m fortunate in the sense that I get my manual thrills from my E46 M3 and the DSG in this thing makes it a real rocket. I haven’t had the car long but tbh I’m loving it at the moment. I went onto a bypass today from a roundabout, I was at a standstill and this guy in his Audi A5 fancied himself, having been right on my arse for ages so I floored it and it was a thing of beauty to watch his white car become a white dot in my rear view mirror, the DSG shifts certainly helped
  8. Hi Norman, great post and I thought exactly the same thing about there being no info about manufacturing, quality or approval too. That’s why I put this post out there in the first place. I think I’m gonna side step CM wheels and try to find an original set of clubsports, if not I’ll just stick with the original 18” Cadiz maybe put some spacers on just to fill out the arches a little more. This way I don’t have cheap, heavy and potentially badly manufactured wheels on an expensive and fantastic car.
  9. May have to leave later lol, really happy with the car, will post some better pics and also once I have the 19’s on
  10. There she is in all her glory
  11. Hi Booth, great post, its more a case of adjusting from a manual to DSG and a sprinkle of the 30 day no quibble exchange that VW have. I just thought I’d reach out and see what the general consensus was because if you guys had come back and said the manual is miles better than a DSG car then I would have switched the car to a manual. Luckily for me it looks like I have bought the right car, just pulled up outside my cousin’s having driven here in the R using the manual paddles in Race mode, unfortunately got here too quickly 😂
  12. From a money POV you just can't go wrong, I'm just go ahead and order the Clubsports for my R, got a few bills to take care of so may have to put it off for a few weeks. I'll definitely get some pics on here once it's all sorted and sitting on 19's
  13. Choosing an estate did make it easy for you Jon, definitely enjoying the DSG so much that I think I'll be going out in shortly for a quick blast
  14. That’s cool Paul, what makes you say that GBB?
  15. Thanks GBB, I think I have too, love the way you can overtake in this thing, sensational, thinking of popping the Cobra Res delete pipe on too just for a little bit more sound
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