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  1. To be honest initially I was going into a new job which involved a train commute so wasn’t going to use the R so I decided to sell it. There was a glimmer of hope that I could keep it as somebody was going to buy my 911 but that didn’t work out. A few days after, somebody else came along and took the 911 so that’s when I decided to get the R32 as my run around car, obviously annoyed that I could have kept the R but that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes and I still have my E46 laguna seca blue M3 to enjoy, I don’t see me selling this car at all.
  2. Hi guys, I collected my R32 today, I can’t understand the negative comments, obviously if you’re comparing a Golf R to it there’s no contest if you’re talking performance however the R32 has bucket loads of character, sounds better than the R IMO and has plenty of soul. I was Driving to Wales to sell my R to a VW dealer in Swansea and then collecting my car in Cardiff, on the way there I was questioning myself wondering if I was doing the right thing because the R felt so good to drive on a combo of back roads and the motorway. The drive back for me was even better in the R32 so much so that I’ve decided if the right spec car with super low miles comes along, I’ll be buying it.
  3. Sorry that meant to say that it’s not had a single advisory an any MOT test since it’s first one
  4. Hey guys, unfortunately my Golf R is gonna have to go but I have put a deposit on a 2008 R32, 3dr, DBP, manual, it’s not had a single advisory on MOT and seems like a great find. I’m hoping it’s exactly what I’m expecting it to be and if so, I’ll be bringing it home on Saturday
  5. Hi Guys, looking at the posts it seems that there's lots to love about the R32 especially the sound. I've watched a few videos online and it does sound glorious. I'm going to go for it so the search begins, what I'm after is a 3dr manual in black, grey or blue
  6. Hi guys, it’s with some sadness that my Golf R has to go. I’m starting a new job which will involve a train commute which obviously means the Golf will be sat on my drive. I only have cars if I get to drive them, never been one to let the car sit on my driveway. I just thought I’d put an ad here in the classfields to see if anybody wants it. I don’t want to put the details here otherwise this will become a classfield add. Please take a look and get in touch if you fancy it once the ad goes live, thanks.
  7. Hi guys, just wondering what pressures you guys are running your 18’s at, I’ve gone for 38psi all round
  8. It sounds like it all about the sound lol, it seems like if I must have a mk5 then the Gti is the one to have, have seen a couple of ED30’s which look pretty cool so may enquire on those. Just for the record, the R isn’t going anywhere yet
  9. Hi guys, I’m thinking of buying a R32, just wondered if you guys have owned one and wanted your opinions on what the car is like to own, what to look out for etc, thanks. Hope I’m allowed to post this, if not apologies
  10. I certainly will Dave and thanks for the advice and tips
  11. I didn’t Dave but I will now, thanks for the tip
  12. Nice comparison Ali, did you have more problems with your 7 as you’ve said “it makes my old one feel knackered in comparison”. Also if you don’t mind me asking, what reg, mileage did your car have and did you get a good deal on trade in
  13. Hi guys, I have my R booked in with Lancaster VW in Milton Keynes in 3 weeks time for a haldex oil change and brake fluid change, let’s see how it goes, I’ll report back soon.
  14. I’m with you on this VR6, I decided against buying one last year because it was between a Monte Carlo Blue E92 or an E46 Laguna Seca Blue Manual Coupe. I think I will be adding the E92 to my garage soon, just need to keep up the hard work and I’ll get one.
  15. I can’t believe that video either, imagine what a DSG Golf R would do to them
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