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  1. For me its an 18mile round trip, not the shortest route i can take but the one i favour over the others
  2. On a trip to Berwick-upon-Tweed last month with the wife to pick up our then 8wk old Bengal kitten, on the way home with Cruise @ 65mph i seen over 40mpg for the most part. Too and from work im getting on average 32mpg. 16mile round trip and in no hurry to get there.
  3. Did you buy it from a dealership of anykind? You should at least have a 3 month warranty for a used car dealership, but a 12month one from a VW Approved. Take it back and get them to replace it
  4. Stopped by the local Police on way home yesterday to report this. Guy did say that this is a common occurrence. He didnt give me a reference number as he said its been logged / flagged on their internal systems and he cant share that info with the public??? (my nephew works for that local dept so i can ask him to find stuff out if needed). Did say that they will contact me if they have any further developments. He didnt mention anything about the stickers etc, so I guess that I'll just expect to get pulled over a bit for the time being, not a big deal anyway as i'll know what its about. Also wrote a letter to the DVLA informing of this issue so will see if I get anything back from them. Thanks for all the inputs. I think ive covered my ass for now. Police didnt have anything else to say i need to do anyway at this stage.
  5. While there are some subtle differences in mine to the one pictured, i did just notice that its a FaceLift Version while mine is Pre-facelift, unless they have changed the Headlights to the new design but i doubt that, mine is a 2015.
  6. Cheers for the replies all. I'll pop by the local police station on way home and look to report to the DVLA also. Cheers
  7. Morning all. So I'll try to keep this brief. I got a Penalty Charge notice in last week, which was confusing me to say the least. It was a Dart Charge for the A282 Trunk road Dartford Crossing. A White Golf R (by the looks of the B/W Image) was photographed crossing this area without having paid the charge. It had the same Reg as the car in my drive, and Im the registered keeper of said car. The car in the image looks different from mine from the sutle changes but it still looks like a Golf R. The date in question (Sunday 18th Nov), i wasnt anyway near this area, or the country even (England that is). I was out shopping in my local Asda, and fortunately i was able to dig out the receipt from that lunch time as the shopping was paid on my Debit card. Obviously im contesting the charge as I have proof that i was no where near the area (ok it was a 2hr difference, but there is no way i can drive from Motherwell to London in 2hrs), but it now raises the other issue that there is another Golf R with the same Reg as mine driving about in london. I only bought mine 3 months ago, from a Das WeltAuto, VW approved dealership, so im fairly confident in them. I also checked the VIN on the car to whats on the V5 and its a match. But at this time im not sure if i should go to my local Police and tell them or if there is anything else i can / should do? Any comments or advice on this as im slightly concerned just now, what if this "clone" car is involved in a serious crime and i get the blame for it etc? Cheers Kyle
  8. This, also for my price range was the best option and I prefer the R to the S3, M135i. I love Hot-Hatches. I dont have a big family (just the Wife and me) so i dont need a big car and the R is just perfect. Cheers
  9. harbourmasta

    how to code

    A few other stuff, https://docs.google.com/document/d/151DX1D0BEs76UfUpJbBAVJ8OhuhEoRPrmxFsUrKiVm0/pub http://obdeleven.proboards.com/thread/1318 Cheers
  10. harbourmasta

    how to code

    Hi, While i currently dont have an OBD Eleven ( i will at some point soon-ish) i found these from the OBDEleven forum, they might be helpful to you. All VAG cars www.vcdscoding.com/ - no longer available www.stemei.de/pages/coding.php de.vcds.wikia.com/wiki/Hauptseite www.audienthusiasts.com/ www.automd.com/tsb/audi_m/ www.automd.com/tsb/volkswagen_m/ www.automd.com/recall/audi_m/ www.automd.com/recall/volkswagen_m/ www.volkspage.net/technik/ssp/index4_eng.php www.nikutronics.eu/home/info/v-a-g-obd www.gerritspeek.nl/vag-com_aanpassingen.html onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=3AE6945C79E4C9E!17729&app=OneNote&authkey=!AMn8y885S2R-6Xg Golf MK V www.vaglinks.com/Docs/VW/MKV/DPham00.info_VW_MKV_VAGCOM_Tweaks_And_Info.pdf Golf MK VI www.golfmk6.com/forums/showthread.php?t=36478 Passat B7 www.myturbodiesel.com/wiki/nms-vw-passat-tdi-diy-and-faq-index/ Audi A6 4F www.a6-wiki.de/index.php/Codierungen_mit_VCDS h2338967.stratoserver.net/index.php/Thread/72-Codierliste-f%C3%BCr-Audi-A6-4F/ www.atomickhome.de/VCDS-Tipps.pdf Octavia 5E www.skoda-buben.de/index.php/Thread/471-Skoda-Octavia-III-5E-VCDS-Codierungen/ www.briskoda.net/forums/topic/299424-octavia-iii-vcds-adaptations-tried-and-tested/#entry3568822 Tiguan www.tiguanforum.net/index.php/Thread/1278-CODIERUNGSLISTE-F%C3%9CR-DEN-VW-TIGUAN-I-VON-2007-2015-N5/ Audi A4 B7 nickscarblog.com/cars/must-have-vag-com-mods-for-b6-and-b7-audis Read more: http://forum.obdeleven.com/thread/235/links-programming-guides#ixzz5UpslK9fQ
  11. 20228 miles on my 2015, owned for couple of weeks now.
  12. Cheers All. Yeah its a long time coming indeed, but i must say im loving it, even though ive been taking it easy on the driving anyway, still miles better than anything ive had in the past.
  13. Hi all, Yup, you read it correct, 23 years driving and this is my very first VW. Picked up a 2015 7R, White, 3dr, DSG. I wasnt to sure about the DSG until i test drove it, and I absolutely love it. Occasionally still go to change gear but will forget that old habit soon enough. Ive been a bit of a Ford guy based on my previous cars, but this R is just the business. Previous Cars have been, in order: Ford Orion Classic (nothing classic about it) Ford Escort RS Turbo, S2 Ford Mondeo ST24 Ford Focus, Zetec Mk1 Saab 93 Vector Sport Ford Focus ST, Mk2 Ford Focus ST, Mk3 BMW e92 Coupe VW Golf 7R Anyway ive been trolling the site for a while but wanted to wait til i picked up the car before i popped on. For now the performance for me is fine so I doubt i'll mod that side of it, maybe just some cosmetic things here and there, but we'll see. Im based in Motherwell, I see a few new members in and around the Central Belt. Cheers Kyle
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