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  1. I only use normal or race, 24-27mpg mixed driving, 35-36mpg is the best ive seen while having a clear road in 40/50 zones never getting stuck behind sunday drivers or anything where i can hold a constant speed, probably had a freak tail wind helping or something. 😆
  2. Its the tyre, the profile is so low it squashes completely & then the rim takes whatever impact the tyre didnt. if you go from 35 to 40-45profile will this protect the rim better?
  3. Ive found switching between modes to be a head f**k namely because of the steering characteristics changing, when im not watching the road directly in front of me & looking up the road ahead im driving & steering on instinct & i find myself not steering enough or too much & realise im heading for the kerb or going wide. So i leave it on individual or race, could really do with more than one custom setting or leave the steering out of the drive modes & keep to its own seperate setting not adjusted from the drive modes.
  4. Who knows, maybe I ran something over in that junction. Stuck a pirelli tyre on. Inmy experience some of the cheaper tyres are better than the expensive ones & they last longer.....im not track driving it or racing around beating on it so I dont need a super grippy tyre anyway.
  5. They are what comes with the car from new, actual tyres & wheels. The split is in the wall of the tyre not in the tread & there isnt a mark on the alloy wheel. Car has done about 2500 miles from new
  6. Was pulling left out of a T junction sedately on xmas day & heard a noise from the rh rear, 100 meters later dash tells me theres no pressure in rh rr tyre, tyre has a split in the wall from the rim half way up the tyre. Wheel is 100% undamaged & unmarked. Anyone else had issues with these tyres.
  7. AgtX

    Car drying

    Anyone recommend an air drying device/blower? Leaf blowers have no filter so can blast your car with things youd rather not have shot at your car. Got to be better than rubbing towels or whatever over the paint?
  8. I thought it didnt rev as high & has less throttle response in eco mode? Just an aid to help you drive more frugaly?
  9. AgtX

    Facelift Mods

    Can you turn off the “safelock”. Message so it no longer shows up when you turn off the engine?
  10. Just set it to the rh mirror & manually adjust it down & the left will adjust too if you selected it in the menu & adjust it back up after.
  11. I was offered a dash cam when I bought the car that you have to plug in the 12v socket, if they had been selling me an installed hard wired one, i may have considered it more. Feel free to make a step by step idiots guide with photos of your install lol. 😉
  12. I want the parking assistance bleeping, but Idont want it to auto slam on the brakes when it decides the gap is too narrow & I can see its fine, garage openings are generally narrow & require concentration, dont enjoy the car interrupting me. Its not that quick to turn off either, going through a few menus. Could turn off the assist & turn it on once im in to tell me how close the rear bumper is to the wall. How do you view your service history online?
  13. At first my lh mirror adjusted down automatically when i reversed, with the switch turned to L, not anymore & i dont know why. when i reversed into my garage the first time the car suddenly slammed on the brakes, scared the s**t out of me, turned that off in the menu & then a few days later it scared me by doing it again, seemingly turned the option back on. What mpg are you getting on average, if I drive like a grandad I can get 30mpg, sporty driving its around 20 & a mix is 25ish. Is the car meant to come with a service book or do you get it when you first get it serviced? Mine has no book, just the manual, media manual & vw roadside assistance book.
  14. Does that mean the European ones have port injection & di? I know thats the thing Toyota did to solve it.
  15. I tested out a manaul 2016 R & it had intermittant clutch slip in higher gears, wouldnt do it every time, enough to put me off. A lot of the ones ive seen are ex lease cars & someone who has a car on lease & has no intention of keeping it may have no incentive to take care of it, a car like the R will likely attract a certain type of driver!
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