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  1. Just bought a Tuned R and it’s a hoot enjoy driving to work so much .
  2. Privilege insured me for just under £500 so all done thanks for all your input guys
  3. LV they produced a quote for me with it.
  4. I am stage 2 , 57 yrs 10 yrs no claims
  5. Max no claims with LV and it’s 500 seems high
  6. Anyone have any good companies for insuring a modified 7.5 R please thank you
  7. Stunning great purchase
  8. Looking for a DSG 7.5 and prices range from £23,000 to £29,000 all depending on levels of spec. Recently noticed the prices are softening with the intro of the Mk8.
  9. James please send a link to that car thanks
  10. https://www.aaperformance.co.uk/used-cars/volkswagen-golf-2-0-tsi-r-hatchback-dsg-4motion-ss-5dr-bolton-201904187114521 is this a good tuning set up .
  11. Auto car suggesting 400bhp R on the way nice
  12. If I buy a standard 7.5 Where is the best place in Kent and Sussex to get it chipped only.
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