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  1. If I buy a standard 7.5 Where is the best place in Kent and Sussex to get it chipped only.
  2. Saw the VW carbon the other day agreed looks quality
  3. That is an awesome colour choice go for it .
  4. Sounds perfect I am still searching for my 7.5R having come from an M2 . likewise after the surefooted 4WD.
  5. Some good prices on the hatchback also from VW Dealers now 18plate with Sunroof and leather below £30,000 . prices softening ahead of new deliveries . Also offered a good discount on another VW R mk7.5 taking price near to £29,000. Expect it is that time of year when they need to shift stock .
  6. Great looking car high spec
  7. Does look very good when cleaned like the colour .
  8. Test drove one nice car but quality is not up there with VW yet
  9. Must be as getting good discounts when I talk to the dealers on Used 7.5 ‘s .
  10. NIGEL


    Not a fan of after market wheels
  11. NIGEL


    Silver prets for me with Lapiz but Black good on certain colours
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