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  1. Brucey106

    MRC Stage 1

    Just remember how up and down rolling roads can be. See a lot of 320bhp standard cars at certain tuners. I personally look at the increase, which to be fair is a good increase. I guess it's the custom side of the map pushing it a bit more. most stage 1's give an increase around 60-75bhp. My first tune was a plug and play, and it felt mega! I now have a Remap and dsg tune. not much of a jump, just feels more refined. my plug and play the car felt a bit unsure sometimes with the gears or sudden acceleration. Had to think longer before it moved, Not bad for the money tho👍
  2. Tried to edit above post as my reply went into the quote. Sorry
  3. Here’s mine 235/35/19 et45. Just waiting to drop it a little now.