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  1. Apparently another set was sent out and signed for but they are no where to be seen?? And j have not signed for anything? But when they turn up I plan to do exactly what you said anyway. I am gutted but even my wife was shocked how bad the bump felt the other day. And over the years I have had many lowered cars, I can honestly say my nova sr that had spax on years ago felt better!! I can say that as my wife at the time had c-section with stitches and she was surprised it was painless on the way home. Gutted about the springs really. But it's going to end with a broke alloy or shock soon 😲 I have a recent set too.
  2. Exactly how mine is, feels like it hitting bump stops. Ready bad on little bumps. Makes them feel like pot holes!
  3. I would love big turbo revo 3 but I put myself off thinking about extra stress on the car. Would be fun tho. But they are fast at stage 1, that's a jump on it's own. Hopefully stage 2 is a little more midrange pull. And be nice to be close to 400bhp. Problem is more money I spend on this mk7 it stops me buying a mk7.5 as I would have to start again!
  4. My next mod is a full exhaust system, but want resonated with the flaps. I want the option to change the sound still in drive modes. Non res systems sound too hollow for my liking. I want sports cat too then revo 2. Bit then I am wandering of it's worth the change as this revo stage 1 with a resonator delete sounds good and goes well. When you can reel in a 400 bhp Porsche I think the car is quick enough lol.
  5. I have always used eibach in the past. To me that looks ok. You can see its dropped enough to loose the arch gap a little. And your car still feels great. I will prob end up on eibach but it's going to cost me again, would of been cheaper if I picked eibach to start. But on the other hand I guess I would of been jealous of the vwr drop not knowing the eibach we the better choice. I remember reading the lad scott who's car was in the vw mag , he bought vwr and had same issue. Went eibach and the car was alot better.
  6. After much searching for info and deciding on these over eibach that I have always had and rated highly. Vwr gave level look I wanted. I bought and had these springs fitted in Jan this year, i have dcc and 19's. They were the off green grey colour if that means anything? I dont feel any confidence in the car anymore and longer they on car they seem to feel worse. When I hit a bump in the road feels like a hole in the road. I am surprised my alloys have not cracked yet. Few week ago I hit two bumps, I went back to make sure they were not pot holes. We have all hit a pot hole but I feel these springs I am hitting the bump stops more times than I feel is normal. Like I am constantly hitting pot holes? I drove my wife's gtd yesterday and it made me feel safe going fast into the Bends. My R dont feel like that anymore. I am gutted. Wont be surprised if they kill my shocks eventually! I decided to email racingline. I got a message a month ago saying if they send me another set out would that be ok? I said that be great but I will have to pay another Β£200 out to have them fitted. Then what if they feel the same? I have then spent a total of Β£400 fitting springs. Well nothing came? So I sent a reminder email few week back. Got Reply back saying they would send some out. Well still not received any replacement springs? Just really annoyed. The car was lovely before with the dcc. And also the car sits higher on the front. I wish I went eibach. Unless I am on a smooth new road,( prob feel great on track) car dont feel great at all using day to day.
  7. On launch it would hesitate, 2nd to 3rd was a hesitation now and again. Went back to my revo dealer who in turn made my symtoms aware on his dealer group chat. Few come back and said install stage 2 tcu tune. From what I can work out , I think some cars make too much torque that triggers odd fault to hold gearbox back? But it's been fine ever since. And also helps I only need ECU stage 2 if I go up a stage.
  8. I think because of how much this brings the car to life, it makes stage 2 not seem much bang for buck! Stage 1 is such a difference. Nice true gain there πŸ‘ you look at most stage 1 maps on these cars and your looking at 70bhp gain give or take. You might see some mk7.5 pull 320bhp standard but it will still only be a 60-70bhp increase. And we all know rolling roads all read up and down. We should use 1 company and use the before and after result as a guide of increase😁
  9. Exactly this, I have seen two graphs somewhere? One with apr 1 with higher numbers , but the torque has an early kick and drops off quite steep, but a revo 1 torque comes in a little less , but rises a little, stays a little, then slowly drops off. Mine is stage 1 revo with stage 2 tcu( I had a slight glitch and stage 2 sorted the issue) pulls really strong through the gears. We know on a roll the std M140i pulls away from a std golf R. So I would expect a stage 1 map to keep with? Well I had one passing me on power, I managed to stop him pulling then start to gain. I really did not expect that with stage 1. It's like I have never seen any 1/4 , or 0-60 times with an apr 1 tune? Revo stage 1 does a cracking time. But when it comes to stage 2 apr that's another story. That tune seems to perform well πŸ‘ I think writing off a tune because it dont make the highest bhp is silly. On the road and how it drives is what you want 😁
  10. I had a new 2017, I sold it to blakedown last year. It's back there for sale again. 12k and priced at over Β£28,000. After 6k miles I got a rattle. Turned out to be a broken piston skirt. Warranty denied as I had fitted a scorpion exhaust. Was gutted. I had devil developments forge it, Litchfield turned it which to be fair was great. But I lost my love for it. From day 1 I never connected with the car, i did not like the sound of it, it never felt fast. Hated the veering steering they suffer with in 3rd gear. Rear diff in 50% of them transfers power to each rear wheel. But some seem to confuse and throw you about. Very scary when it happens. Rear clutches don't like extra power. Mine slipped in 6th once. When tuned the o breather system needs modifying to stop sucking oil through the induction. Horrible seeing blue smoke blow out a less than year old car. Very poor design for what could of been alot better. Ford were not great either. Sony stereo was not worth doing. The sunroof was same as a 1980's escort. Too small. I came from a 2015 stage 1 fiesta st before. Now that did out a smile on my face everytime I walked away from it. Cracking car. Not the fastest car I have owned, but not bad tuned. I am not a corner man but that car would give anyone the confidence to take a bend fast. Stayed flat and composed on any road. The rs never gave me that feeling at all. Such a shame. The dsg golf R is superb. Felt fast standard, feels epic stage 1. Stereo is better, sunroof is better, quality is far superior. I would not entertain it πŸ‘
  11. It's a bit stiffer I think. Big bumps I notice, (sure it hits bump stops on the bigger bumps?) I mainly wanted the look. Bit of a stocky appearance. Not pushed it on any bends to gauge performance. Sure it will be better tho. Comfort is still good that's the main thing.
  12. Thanks I am eibach fan but few people on here made me go vwr racingline saying they were the better option. Sure which ever you choose will be great. I do have a nice level look now tho that I like πŸ‘
  13. Fitted vwr springs last month, have DCC and 19 cadiz, feels ok. I personally think the bottom out on big bumps now they have settled. Normal roads maybe bit stiffer, but comfort is still ok long as you don't hit big bumps.
  14. I got these from cmwheels, and they are 8 wide, so my tyres 235/35/19 have a more square look. On the last set 8.5 they were stretched a little and started to wear on edges.
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