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  1. Gossa

    Rolex deals

    Casio? You can get one with a calculator on it too!😂
  2. Gossa

    Back to VW in an R

    Are you sure that's not my car? 😂Welcome, once you go (all) black, you never go back!
  3. Digging up an old thread! For me it'd be my little Karcher with AG Polar Blast snow foam Maguiers synthetic mitts (only Mag item I use) with a bucket of Chem Guys Citrus Shampoo G3 Clay mitt with Them Guys Clay Lube DAS6 with Chem Guys Hexlogic Quantum pads with V36 cutting polish Muc-Off Uber car Wax @Booth11 I use a California Water blade, silicon so super supple and flex. As long as its wet and you give it a wipe after every pass, it's as good as a good towel at removing water IMO.
  4. Cheers Dave, have you had to upgrade the brakes on that? If stage 1 (as above with Maverick) is 387horses, I'm wondering if all the extra hardware is worth the minimal gains? Cheers for your thoughts on this chaps.
  5. Cheers Maverick, you know what I mean though that Revo seem to have lost their market position? When I had my MK6, Revo was THE company and now it just seems like they are off the radar. I guess more companies just entered the remapping game.
  6. Had my MY17 7.5 for nearly a month and have been reading up on maps. Seems Revo have dropped off the map somewhat (excuse the pun), all I read about is APR, Unicorn and MRC. I had a MK6 GTI when they first came out and Revo borrowed it to develop the map for that model and it really blew me away. How are they considered now? Anyone on here running a Revo remap on their 7.5? Thoughts? Cheers
  7. Gossa

    Collecting Tuesday...

    Yes mate, loving it thanks.
  8. Gossa

    Collecting Tuesday...

    Apparently a few people try to buy it after I'd put the deposit down. The Headline spec was cloth interior with Cadiz, no mention of Dynaudio and no images on the listing on the VW used site. Leather, Pretorias and Dynaudio were listed in the options spec so I think this was priced at the headline spec as it was really well priced for what its got. It's a lovely car but my experience of Inchcape has been poor to be honest. On the way home the ACC light came on and the cruise wasn't working. I've just had it in with the local dealer in Poole who has rectified the issue (ACC camera had popped out of the housing) and so far I'm waiting on Inchcape to refund me £270. They are trying to make it good but they fall well short of my expectations to be honest. Sorry to hear yours has a gearbox issue, there's so many about though, I'm sure you'll find the right one. I'm really happy with mine, especially now it has black Prets with PS4S tyres on.
  9. Gossa

    Collecting Tuesday...

    Too late...it's gone to the dark side!
  10. Loving these A35's, might be my next car.... Both colours fantastic chaps!
  11. You can easily get it inside with the front wheel off, failing that you have rear or roof mounted options. Just remember if you still want to drive enthusiastically then you'll have to be careful. If you want something very cool: https://www.seasucker.com/collections/bike
  12. Looks amazing Rob! Very impressed with that, post up a link of whatever Merc forum you end up on so we can follow the progress! Clive
  13. Be careful as the prices can be inflated then discounted on Eurocarparts. Google the part before you hit buy just in case.
  14. Having spent a week or so with the car, the gerarbox is mint, way better than any other auto I've used.
  15. The Hexlogic Quantum is the one, it's got a hollow centre where polish/compound normally builds up. I think they wash them with a bucket of sand and a broom!
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