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  1. Dave

    Gyeon quartz

    i just put on more cure
  2. ceramic coat it, no swirls then
  3. gyeon bathe for me followed by a wipe over with gyeon cure
  4. Dave

    Gyeon quartz

    yes washed every week if not twice, water just sheets off it
  5. Dave

    Fuel flap

    All plastics including the flap are not painted at the same time as the body anyway
  6. Dave

    Fuel flap

    dealer is getting a flap from another brand new lapiz blue stock car , will be here Tuesday so we can change, better i think than painting what is on the car
  7. Dave

    Fuel flap

    dealer said this morning they cant see that much diference
  8. Dave

    Fuel flap

    might be an idea but only if you have 1 off a nearly new car, a few years old would be just as bad i suspect
  9. Dave

    Fuel flap

    You only notice at the angle I took the picture at but not good, they are going to paint it, i think it came like it from the factory,, the car arrive at the dealer on a Friday lunchtime, they took pics and I viewed Saturday morning, collected Monday so I doubt the would have had time to paint.
  10. no point really asking anyone else, we all have our own taste, i sense you want reassurance that it will look good, 50 % will say yes, 50 5 will say no. my opinion doesnt matter
  11. using cure already every other week but will invest in the bathe
  12. my car is coated with gyeon snycro and i wondered what the best shampoo would be to use or could i use any ?
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