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  1. I tried what you described, S mode 5th gear at 3000 rpm and then floored it. It did what you described. Almost like three very fast DSG farts for maybe 0.75s then went. Did not do it in D mode. Tried it twice with the same result. Expect this is the same as yours, post a video if you get a chance.
  2. Try swapping the front wheels with the rear wheels as a test to see if it's any better.
  3. Hi, May be ask the senior tech to take you out on a road test in the same R as he drove. I have 17 plate MK7.5 and will try S mode in 5th gear and kick down.
  4. Nitto

    Newbie in Surrey area

    Hi and welcome.
  5. Wow, that is going to take some cleaning. I think you should get sponsorship from a detailing cleaning manufacture. Then if cleans up well show the before and after pictures.
  6. Nitto


    Hi and welcome.
  7. Has anyone tried the Badgeskins vinyl overlay. Cant find on any web site, but might be from Canada. Shown on fb as well.
  8. Looking to cover up the chrome strip on mk7.5 front grill. Don't want to remove grill due to the ACC camera. Was looking at wrapping then came across this. Has anyone tried this and can advise if it works, and the fitting and quality is ok.
  9. Hi The black prets do look good. You should also paint the inner brake hubs black with heat resistant paint.
  10. Three door looks so much nicer, Compromise against how often do you need to carry passengers in the back.
  11. Nitto

    VW R virgin

    Hi and welcome.
  12. Hi and welcome. This is going to be a nice jump up in performance.
  13. Can anyone advise about the Vienna leather seat stitching. Drivers seat rear backrest stitching at the top, a small amount has starting to come undone. Would this likely to be covered under warranty as car is about 20 months old. VW dealer agreed leather seat was covered under warranty and would order a replacement seat cover back. Replacement seat cover was damaged when received and another seat cover would need to be ordered. Booked car in again and after another 2 days second seat cover has been fitted, but does not look good. Creases visible and piping on edge of seat trim is not straight. Options: Dealer agreed they will have another go Or can anyone recommend a car upholstery located in south west.
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