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  1. That's a real shame, so surprised VW won't let you order one but guess their thinking is it is a selling point for buying it new. There are so many great aftermarket examples out there, sure you won't have any trouble finding a (cheaper) replacement. 😁
  2. Big congrats, jealous of the Dynaudio upgrade
  3. Honestly it's easier than I thought and there's a good guide on their website. Once you line it up, work from inside out in circles, that way it removes any bubbling. What I missed is the front piece is actually bigger than the badge, so I ended up with more material at the bottom than the top, hence the gap. That's my best piece of advice. Will order another one to try again.
  4. One alternative is badgeskins.com as I wanted to do the same as you. Turned out pretty good though I could have done a better job lining up the badge centrally as there's a sliver of chrome where the vinyl meets the grill. Only noticeable from the top. Quite pleased with the result.
  5. It's maybe not what you want but the guy who ceramic coated my car uses this and bought the same for myself: https://www.vyair.com/0817-high-pressure-reinforced-long-life-resin-vessel-11-0-litre-capacity-black.html You need resin filled and I went normal hose fittings.
  6. Done a few mods to remove the chrome, but the last thing was having it ceramic coated full car, wheels and glass. Genuinely impressed as it has never looked better.
  7. Thanks all, it's definitely oil. The cloth I used is shiny and smells of oil and that came from the sump. I don't have jack stands to look at it, but will give it a thorough going over tomorrow when the car isn't nuclear temperature (black car fun). I've emailed the guy who sold it to me and will be on first thing to chase it up. It's also typical I fly with work on Tuesday at 7am, so need the car to go to the airport. May have to borrow my wife's. Appreciate the advice, and good to know it isn't common - dealers here we go.
  8. Okay, hoping this isn't a actual issue. Moved my car this morning for a delivery and there was some wet underneath. As it's been hot, assumed it was condensation from the air con - nothing to worry about. However as it's been 25 degrees today and the stain never went. Went to move my car back and there's another small patch underneath where I parked it. Cue kitchen roll on a broom to wipe under what looks to be wet and it comes back slightly oily. The car now has a tray with paper underneath to see what happens overnight. Has anyone else had the same issue? It looks to be coming from the area behind the skid plate, that has a hexagon-type pattern on it - maybe the sump? Can't get underneath properly to look. Any ideas? It hasn't done 2.5k yet and won't be 3 months old till Sunday. Also the clip for the air vent by the passenger door snapped off and the window switch sticks. Where's the VW build quality?
  9. Nice video. Personally I like the understated looks of the R. Having had an A45 with full body-kit, everyone stares and wants to play. Gets kinds tiring after a while.
  10. Would love to hear it if you get chance
  11. Didn't put a skin on my previous car and was very impressed how it looked and always reversible if you change your mind or move the car on. Went gloss black and looked amazing
  12. Thanks for the referral Rich, not too far from me (in MK) and something I'm looking into.
  13. Fully agree, lovely looking car and the modding is a great lesson, given me a few ideas - thank you for the update. Not many would go brakes before a remap.
  14. That's a very impressive result and love to hear how it drives when you pick it up, bet you can't wait...Power curve looks spot-on and that much power for 1.8 bar shows the quality of the kit you've chosen.
  15. Ran a 2002 pre-facelift one myself a few years back, awesome car and the noise above 7k was amazing. Miss that ever since I sold it, enjoy - yours is a lovely looking car
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