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  1. Anyone waiting on a car from this beast! Just passed us leaving Grimsby docks.
  2. P3T3

    Hi from Nigeria

    Know the feeling mate! Still got two weeks left of my trip then I can go pick mine up. Great colour choice by the way. Safe trip.
  3. Car at the dealers and I've just had to go offshore for 4 weeks! 😫😫😫
  4. Just jumped from build date confirmed to in transit 😁
  5. Was tempted to keep the brollies from the front doors too but felt the guilt 😉
  6. Had one of these in our skoda, great quality for the price. Kept for when the R turns up.
  7. P3T3

    Rolex deals

    Yeah, mine's well overdue a service. When I habitually give it it's "wing" at bedtime it sounds like a bag of spanners lol. Not sure how much original watch would come back! Still only loses about 2 mins a month. Even I cringe when i see workmates upto their armpits in oil with their submariners on.
  8. P3T3

    Rolex deals

    Fancying an IWC day date myself now.
  9. P3T3

    Rolex deals

    Loads of my workmates have submariners and the first said to them is " that's a good copy, how much did you pay" lol.
  10. P3T3

    Rolex deals

    Bought my omega seamaster in the canaries years ago, All legit, box and paperwork in case and wore it home without issue. If I go on watchfinder now it's doubled in value. Wish i never wore it at work now as it's taken a right hammering!
  11. Just moved to build week confirmed but no actual date given so presume it's 4 weeks from now as you say.
  12. P3T3


    £262 Fully comp quoted from Hastings direct both 43 and full NCB
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