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  1. how did you get the R light from the door?
  2. full beam assist is great as is ACC what custom driving profile options have people got selected?
  3. Well got mine this morning. Was delivered by a nice old bloke, said he’d been driving a lot of them recently. Car is amazing, never driven anything so quick before. I am probably being a little aggressive on the “run in” but oh well!
  4. Just sorted insurance in the end. Not bad from admiral. Can anyone recommend a good gap insurance company? Tuesday can’t come quick enough!
  5. ok thanks! ill give them a call later
  6. So on their system when you rung did they have the 300 2019 variant or still the 310 and just said it was ok?
  7. So on their system when you rung did they have the 300 2019 variant or still the 310 and just said it was ok?
  8. Although I had quotes, I’ve given up trying to get insurance prior to delivery, too much hassle for now
  9. got them on go compare and money supermarket, they are the only ones I've found to have the 2019 300 version. I have been quoted around 900 for fully comp on them, thats with admiral compare the market has given me cheaper quotes, around 800 but thats for the previous version the 310 so I'm not sure if an insurance company would still honour that.
  10. I’m 25 and have been getting quotes, with 1 year no claims
  11. Looks great! Where did you get the spacers from?
  12. Ha! According to my lease company the car is at the dealership as they have given me VIN and reg plate. However, today I’ve had two emails, texts and notifications telling me my car has just arrived in the U.K. no idea what’s going on there lol
  13. Ohh ok, well looking positive then. I’ll still expect the car to not have it, so when it arrives if it does have it I’ll be please. Yeah this seems likely, although I thought they stopped producing them for a while
  14. Did have this in the back of my mind but dismissed it haha. Very interesting, is there a chance the VIN data is wrong? And is just listing new spec without having it or is that not possible do you think
  15. Ha thanks for that didn’t even see it had a build date on it! Was built on 24/1/2019, which I assume makes it build week 4! Looks like it’s all there which is nice! You’re right, better to under promise and over deliver
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