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  1. Darren_R

    New R owner

    Thanks NRW
  2. Darren_R

    New R owner

    Thanks. Black needs a lot of care to keep clean.
  3. Darren_R

    New R owner

    Thanks. It's a great all rounder.
  4. Darren_R

    New R owner

    I've got a car with kessy and a rear camera ( which is very poor quality) It's a leased car so no plans for it.
  5. Darren_R

    New R owner

    That's why I ended up cancelling at the end of November. A friend of mine ordered one at the end of October and was told delivery would be at the start of March. I thought f$%k that and cancelled. I had already waited 4 months.
  6. Darren_R

    New R owner

    Thanks. I have been stalking around since July reading all the woes of pissed off people with WLTP.
  7. Darren_R

    New R owner

    Hi, I took delivery of my first Golf at the end of April. OMG what a machine. I first ordered one at the end of July last year with a promise of delivery in October. As will all the WLTP delays, I was playing the waiting game like many others. Eventually I ended up cancelling my order and bought a Mercedes S class ( don't ask). That wasn't the car for me. I re ordered another golf in early March. And yes, it's a hearse lol. Darren
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