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  1. Hi all I need 4 new tyres and im wondering between the MPS 4 or 5 is there much difference The price is about the same, they will be going on 19" prets on a 19 plate estate Thanks very much
  2. My 19 plate Golf R Est went for its first 10,000 mile service Driving the 20 odd miles home i noticed it revving more than normal and when i got home the rev counter was going from 1000 -2.500 all by itself I rang the garage and they said to bring it back the next day Luckily the garage was closed the next day due to Covid 19 The engine management light was now showing and it definantly didn't sound right So i rang Breakdown assistance They arrived and the fault codes showed an air leak and an oil leak When we checked the dip stick there was no oil showing on it at all Then we looked under the car and saw that the under side of the car was covered in oil and our new tarmac drive was covered in oil The dipstick tube was not connected to the sump My questions are 1.Do you think it might have damaged the engine 2.What should i be asking for as compensation 3.Should they give me an extended Warranty
  3. Good morning All I work in the mountains so have to drive on snow quite a lot of the time In lot of mountainous areas in Europe it is now compulsory To have some sort of winter tyre on the car The all season tyres do fit into this category but are not as good on snow as a full winter tyre I would definatly still carry snow chains or socks with you just in case.
  4. Sorted it was out but not by too much Wheels and Tyres survived
  5. Hi Everybody Ive just noticed my steering wheel is not quite central when im going straight im 99% sure it used to be I have hit a couple of potholes pretty hard on the nearside front Ive got 19" Prets on a 2019 Estate Anybody else had this issue ? Is it just a case of getting the alignment Checked Cheers for any thoughts
  6. Morning All Has anybody fitted a protector to the top of the rear bumper ( Im hoping it might stop the water collecting on it aswell ) Ive got a dog that needs to get in and out and if i don't put something on there it is definitely going to scratch it Any Ideas would be greatly appreciated
  7. Spiney


    Hello all Picked up my new Atlantic Blue R Estate with 19" Pretorias last week .... Loving it !!!! Ive been Chugging around in jeep the last couple of years so its great to be back in something that makes you smile Its a shame ive got an insurance assessor coming today after an Ambulance under blue lights swerved and sprayed me with stones (Bumper ,Bonnet ,Roof , Respray and a new windscreen ) Ive only just stopped crying ,Less than 200 miles on the clock Loving the VWROC site the tips and hints are brilliant Spiney
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