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  1. Well i cant believe TPS cancelled it after taking your money, why are they making it so hard for everybody.
  2. Apologies didn’t see the earlier post by R Wannabe Owner
  3. Easier way to do it is disable the keyless. Lock the car with the keyfob twice and within 5 seconds touch the button on the door handle with your thumb ( don’t put your hand on the door handle) Now secure and not in keyless mode. To open just push the remote. works on all 7.5’s
  4. Well fellas have been watching this forum for the last 10 days. You CAN buy the Akrapovic from any VW dealer as i just have! Pt no 5G6253181LM POST WTLF cars with your reg no simply as that, currently gone back to back order. You have to pay for it in full up front in person NOT over the phone and wait and its non returnable if you thought about changing your mind, meaning you cant get your money back. Hope this helps
  5. Well thanks for the answers Basically it looks like dirt under the paint. The car has been sat in a compound I believe, have had it paint depth tested which revealed virtually the same thickness over a variety of panels including the suspect one. It’s a brand new car in TR and certainly doesn’t look as though it has had paint.
  6. Has anybody experienced dirt in the paint on a brand new Golf R
  7. Just picked up my new R today and the dealer was most insistence to set up Car Net before I drove off. Fortunately or unfortunately it wouldn’t connect with my phone for some reason and decided to look at it when I got home. So got the manual out and started reading, what an eye opener! The way I read it basically says that if connected VW have the ability to track your driving behaviour etc etc. Thoughts on this please and has any else picked up the same thing? Thanks
  8. Getting my 5 door on the 28th and I’m super excited to, even thou I’m giving back a 7.5 estate on lease! Enjoy the car
  9. That’s a very good point well presented 🥴
  10. Have a VW car lane just like the cycle lanes I say👍🤔
  11. Brown eco mode for the USA with their speed restrictions! This is going to open a whole new debate about our own speed limits, some dual carriage ways becoming 60’s, alot of singles now 50 here in Hampshire and now becoming 40’s. 30’s down to 20’s, where is this all going I wonder! Dont get me wrong I’m a responsible driver BUT.......spoiling the fun a bit
  12. Unusually colour choice for me after having nothing but grey, grey, grey black and white. Thought i would mix it up a bit !
  13. Must admit i was surprised at the discount, great deal and customer service has been good to so far.
  14. Nope tried them with both of those and they wouldn’t have any of it unfortunately!🙁 Reason pre reg allegedly, no big deal to be honest
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