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  1. Errrrrrrrr. Tried everything. Even let my 10 Year son have ago, who is a lot more tech savvy than me, and nothing. 😞 It's just frustrating. Still awaiting a reply to see if they'll replace it. Guess I should have checked, tested and set it up when I 1st received it!! Live and learn......!!! Cheers.
  2. Yeah, my thoughts also, that it may be a faulty unit. 😞 I will contact Voltas, as purchased direct from them, and see what they say. But looking through the OBDEleven forum I might have a long wait for a reply! Their customer service seems to be almost not existent. I'm done with it for today, will try again tomorrow, delete app and RE-install it, and start again......... Thanks again for your time to reply. 👍
  3. Thanks for your reply. 👍 I've tried it with ignition on, and ignition off. Nothing.........😥 Have a very good Wi-Fi connection. The dongle has a red led light shining at me, if that means anything?! Cheers.
  4. 😣 Hoping someone can help me out.... Please....... Had the OBDeleven a few months, never even been out from the box!! Decided today was the day to get it set up.... However, I'm unable to connect the dongle to 2 (two) different Android devices. The dongle just doesn't show in the Bluetooth list of devices to connect to?? Am I missing something? Tried everything ....... Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
  5. Thanks. 👍 I'll send Becca a pm for the discount code. Thanks again.
  6. Looks good. Are those the Lockwood ones? If so, did you get from Lockwood direct? Cheers.
  7. Some one has been a busy boy, looking good.😎
  8. 👍 up to Windrush, Maidenhead.
  9. Dr'R'


    Sorry to hear about the owners loss. Absolute scum bags. It's amazing what lengths these scum will go to get there grubby hands on our cars.
  10. Got it back today from dealers, after taking it in Tuesday morning for a service, and a list of jobs to look at under warranty. Serviced all OK, and it wasn't washed as I'd instructed. 😊 Infotainment system LCD screen replace. DSG gearbox software updated. A few interior trim panels refitted. Booked in to have the pan roof replaced, due to the creaking and groaning noises it makes!! All under warranty. Can't fault the service from the dealer. The service guy, Richard, and the workshop manager Dave were both 1st class. Even the Coffee was good as well 🤗 Well done Windrush, Maidenhead. I'm hoping the Pan roof replacement goes as smoothly!!
  11. So I think I've got there, and got this service plan B.S. sorted! Emailed VW, via the email kindly given to me by Dave. Still waiting a reply 🙄 Called into my stealer, told to contact VWFS..!! W. T. F. Contacted another stealer, very, very helpful and after a 15 min phone call all sorted. No copies of V5 log books or purchase receipt needed. They have my business, and a long list of bits to look at under warranty!! Thanks everyone for help and advice, it's all much appreciated. 👍
  12. Many thanks.👍 I will send them an email. 2 months....😱
  13. Car was purchased from a VW main dealer. Going round in circles is definitely the case. I spoken to both VWCS and VWFS. Will just call in to the stealer who will be servicing it, and looking at my long list of issues, problems, faults to be looked at under warranty, and see what they say.
  14. Thanks. It's all very confusing for a mere mortal like me. I have contacted VWFS again this morning about this service plan B.S. Was told as the plan is not in my name they wouldn't and couldn't talk to me about it. I purchased the car in Jan '19, (from a main VW dealer) so guess for some reason mine hasn't been transferred to me?😞
  15. Still has outstanding DasWelt warranty. Do you think that makes a difference?
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