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  1. Finally got my drivers seat leather cover/skin replaced this week. It's been on back order since August! Replaced by dealer, after body shop monkey managed to put a hole in the bolster, while it was in having the Pan roof frame replaced under warranty. Again, can't fault customer service from Windrush, Maidenhead.👍
  2. Finally got my windscreen replaced this morning. However, the old VW screen had a blue tint, the new genuine VW screen has a green tint. VW stated the R never had a blue tinted screen.......?? Even the fitters said again it's the wrong colour screen, as they said 2 weeks ago!!!!!! At least I no longer have a 2 foot crack across.
  3. Booked in last Thursday to get windscreen replaced. However, despite me phoning Auto Windscreens twice, telling them what the car was, and the screen has a 'blue' tint to it, guess what....... yes, the Muppet's ordered the incorrect screen! New one winging its way direct from VW. 10-14 day wait though, apparently!! On a plus side, the glass fitter at the depot was a top guy. Has a MK 5 Golf, diesel, but a few goodies added, to make approx 400 horses, and enough torque to rip the tarmac up.......Apparently. So I'll be waiting for the new screen to arrive, and continue driving with a massive crack across it.............. 😞
  4. Not sure if the op has got this done, but surly give VRS a call? Northampton isn't to far from Nottingham.
  5. So the rain continues.............🙁 Like any sensible, courteous driver, my driving style changes with poor weather conditions. However, it's becoming very apparent that not all drivers have the same outlook........ the roads seem full of ar$e holes, and idiots. So I was wondering what other drivers do, or don't do, that pi$$ you off the most............. Just being on the road does it for me!!!!
  6. Just sat over a coffee, pondering life on a Sunday morning, with the rain coming down, and wondered what the average annual mileage everyone does in their R? Picked mine up Feb '19, and have clocked up just over 9K. Most with a big smile on my face!! Would have been a few more, but it's spent at least 4 weeks at the stealers have warranty work carried out....
  7. Finally got it back from the stealers, after dropping it off on 27th Aug, to have it ripped apart to have the Pan roof replaced/repaired. (Under warranty, due to the creaking and groaning) All seems OK, except the body shop have marked/damaged the drivers seat, with what looks like a tool puncturing the leather!!😣😥😲😞 Stealer has agreed to replace the leather cover, but it's on back order from VW! Gave it a good spanking on the way home!!!! It's good to have it back.🙂
  8. Some people just need their hands cut off.
  9. Dropped it off at the stealers, to have it torn apart, to have the pan roof replaced, under warranty. 😧 Hope it'll sort out the creaking, & groaning it makes, (it better!!) and hope it's not solve one problem and cause 10 more! 😲
  10. Errrrrrrrr. Tried everything. Even let my 10 Year son have ago, who is a lot more tech savvy than me, and nothing. 😞 It's just frustrating. Still awaiting a reply to see if they'll replace it. Guess I should have checked, tested and set it up when I 1st received it!! Live and learn......!!! Cheers.
  11. Yeah, my thoughts also, that it may be a faulty unit. 😞 I will contact Voltas, as purchased direct from them, and see what they say. But looking through the OBDEleven forum I might have a long wait for a reply! Their customer service seems to be almost not existent. I'm done with it for today, will try again tomorrow, delete app and RE-install it, and start again......... Thanks again for your time to reply. 👍
  12. Thanks for your reply. 👍 I've tried it with ignition on, and ignition off. Nothing.........😥 Have a very good Wi-Fi connection. The dongle has a red led light shining at me, if that means anything?! Cheers.
  13. 😣 Hoping someone can help me out.... Please....... Had the OBDeleven a few months, never even been out from the box!! Decided today was the day to get it set up.... However, I'm unable to connect the dongle to 2 (two) different Android devices. The dongle just doesn't show in the Bluetooth list of devices to connect to?? Am I missing something? Tried everything ....... Any advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
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