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  1. MK_Turmeric

    Turmeric Yellow - Your Thoughts

    An inspired choice.
  2. MK_Turmeric

    MK's Turmeric

    Don't judge me...... But damn it looks good for Autumn.
  3. MK_Turmeric

    What was your first car?

    Golf MkIV 1.9TDI in Sandstorm or Beige or similar. A weak version of the mighty Turmeric.
  4. Hello, I normally live in Essex but will be back in the Homeland over the August Bank Holiday. Thurs 23rd to Monday 27th. In driving up / to Dublin port on the 22nd / 28th. Anyone in the North fancy a meet? I'm in a 7.5 Turmeric R with all black options. I'm cycling Lap the Lough on 26th so can't make then. Let me know if interested and we could arrange a Saturday morning coffee and cars perhaps? Matt
  5. MK_Turmeric

    What detailing have you done today?

    Too sunny to be doing this but happy with the result!
  6. MK_Turmeric

    MK's Turmeric

    Love this car in the sun. Nice and clean today!
  7. MK_Turmeric

    Tumeric Yellow R

    Welcome to the club. Haven't seen one with Cadiz but I like it. The colour pops in the sun! I take credit as Turmeric member #1 🙂
  8. MK_Turmeric

    What does your other half think of your R?

    He thinks it's trashy, chavtastic and very Essex but likes it because I like it. He has a point - it is yellow.
  9. MK_Turmeric

    Turmeric Yellow - Your Thoughts

    I take all credit for this club 😉
  10. MK_Turmeric

    Turmeric Yellow - Your Thoughts

    Haha. Even more impulsive than me! I just went in to book a service for my 1 year old Polo GTI and ended up buying my R as I'm young and excitable. What spec? You'll love it.
  11. MK_Turmeric

    Turmeric Yellow - Your Thoughts

    If you're near Essex and want to see it in real life let me know.
  12. MK_Turmeric

    Turmeric Yellow - Your Thoughts

    If you're not sold on the colour immediately you may never will be. It is a marmite colour. It need black prets, mirrors and sunroof in my opinion. I am obviously biased. Look how beautiful she is!
  13. MK_Turmeric

    Anyone else a saddo?

    Above and beyond!
  14. MK_Turmeric


    Next official holiday is a road trip from Essex to Northern Ireland with the R to cycle around Lough Neagh. My partner is a long-haul pilot at BA so holidays end up being work trips away with him. Pilot life gets dull after a while.
  15. MK_Turmeric

    Anyone else a saddo?

    Anyone have their R as homescreen?