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  1. This morning. Car didn't unlock using the fob. Press the lock button, car lit up as if locking. Tried to unlock using fob, it opened. Drove off and all good. Tonight. Fob appears completely dead. No issue, I'll pop off the cover and unlock manually. Car would not unlock. Left at train station. Am I screwed?
  2. MK_Turmeric

    Turmeric Yellow - Your Thoughts

    An inspired choice.
  3. MK_Turmeric

    MK's Turmeric

    Don't judge me...... But damn it looks good for Autumn.
  4. MK_Turmeric

    What was your first car?

    Golf MkIV 1.9TDI in Sandstorm or Beige or similar. A weak version of the mighty Turmeric.
  5. Hello, I normally live in Essex but will be back in the Homeland over the August Bank Holiday. Thurs 23rd to Monday 27th. In driving up / to Dublin port on the 22nd / 28th. Anyone in the North fancy a meet? I'm in a 7.5 Turmeric R with all black options. I'm cycling Lap the Lough on 26th so can't make then. Let me know if interested and we could arrange a Saturday morning coffee and cars perhaps? Matt
  6. MK_Turmeric

    What detailing have you done today?

    Too sunny to be doing this but happy with the result!
  7. MK_Turmeric

    MK's Turmeric

    Love this car in the sun. Nice and clean today!
  8. MK_Turmeric

    Tumeric Yellow R

    Welcome to the club. Haven't seen one with Cadiz but I like it. The colour pops in the sun! I take credit as Turmeric member #1 🙂
  9. MK_Turmeric

    What does your other half think of your R?

    He thinks it's trashy, chavtastic and very Essex but likes it because I like it. He has a point - it is yellow.
  10. MK_Turmeric

    Turmeric Yellow - Your Thoughts

    I take all credit for this club 😉
  11. MK_Turmeric

    Turmeric Yellow - Your Thoughts

    Haha. Even more impulsive than me! I just went in to book a service for my 1 year old Polo GTI and ended up buying my R as I'm young and excitable. What spec? You'll love it.
  12. MK_Turmeric

    Turmeric Yellow - Your Thoughts

    If you're near Essex and want to see it in real life let me know.
  13. MK_Turmeric

    Turmeric Yellow - Your Thoughts

    If you're not sold on the colour immediately you may never will be. It is a marmite colour. It need black prets, mirrors and sunroof in my opinion. I am obviously biased. Look how beautiful she is!
  14. MK_Turmeric

    Anyone else a saddo?

    Above and beyond!
  15. MK_Turmeric


    Next official holiday is a road trip from Essex to Northern Ireland with the R to cycle around Lough Neagh. My partner is a long-haul pilot at BA so holidays end up being work trips away with him. Pilot life gets dull after a while.