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  1. 30,000 miles today ☀️
  2. New shoes day 🙂 Michelin PS4S all round.
  3. I think it looks great. Different, but that's my cup of tea. If it's offered in Turmeric I will 100% be placing an order to replace the Golf. I've been saying I want a fast estate as my next car for a while but I don't really want to spend RS4 money or get a diesel S4, so this seems like a good compromise. Steering wheel is naff however.
  4. Technically I didn't do anything, but... I bought a full set of Michelin PS4S'. 🙃
  5. First proper clean by my fair hands in 2020 - ah to have access to water and power again 🙂
  6. Not much cause to drive recently, but practising social distancing when I do. 😉 Covered in sand but not looking too bad.
  7. Maybe if the surfaces were clean it might be a bit better, but hey, if it makes them happy.
  8. 2 years together this weekend. 20,100 miles. Still 4.5mm front 6mm back on original tyres. Thanks babe, love ya! 😍🥰🎉🎉
  9. I'll take the Gold / Yellow description. Some people also say Chav.....😀
  10. Zero. Beats most things at the traffic lights which is good enough for me. Maybe one day.
  11. 31. CFO. Employer has operations in the world of a not insignificant electric racing series.
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