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  1. Copied from https://www.facebook.com/darrenmkprovalet/ Stunning this brand new 2019 Golf R. Terrific gloss levels here from the very tricky to apply Maxprotect UNCR ProElite thd flagship coating from maxprotect. KKD Alloy wheel coatings Revolve and Koch Chemie for the Glass. Single stage machine polish removing just a few scratches (well done the main dealer). Stunning gloss levels and protection Leaving our client delighted. Detailing and valeting ✅ceramic coating specialists ✅vehicle appearance ✅scratch repairs specialists ✅leather repair specialists ✅stone chip repairs ✅odour removal specialists ✅stain removal ✅Headlight restoration ✅Machine polishing ✅New car protection ------------------------ ✅www.mkprovalet.co.uk ✅[email protected] ✅07821 934641 ✅Instagram @mkprovalet ------------------------ ✅2 Fully mobile vans ✅On board water and power ✅Fully insured registered firm ✅Terrific local reputation ✅Family run friendly business ✅Card payments available ✅Quality class products used ‐------------------------ ✅Maxprotect Accredited ✅Autoglym Accredited trained ✅Chipex Accredited trained ✅35 years experience ------------------------ ✅Bedfordshire ✅Northamptonshire ✅Milton Keynes ------------------------
  2. From what I saw in the showroom, it is literally the golf r on stilts. Not a bad thing. Not a fan of the plastic trim around the wheel arches, but overall it’s very nice
  3. That’s good to know. I’ll try that on my new 7.5 r and see if that works👍🏻
  4. Well, what can I say......grasping at straws comes to mind. They had a beautiful white tcr in the VW garage when I bought my R. It was stunning, and in my opinion a better looking car than the R. I would like the splitter and rear diffuser from the tcr on my R but it isn’t an option. I quite like the Matt grey in the video, but prefer the white one I saw in person. Both of these are subjective, but I do agree with him on those points. As for the rest, not really sure I agree. Slightly bigger boot, neither are particularly big. If that’s what you want, then get an estate!. He might be right about the resale value, in about 5 years maybe, just because more R’s have been sold, and have been around for longer. My biggest gripe with his review, is point 9. The tcr is better because at 60 on a wet B road, it’s more twitchy than the R!. To me that sounds like it’s easier to crash! Both cars are fantastic. If the tcr was maybe a few thousand less than the R then I would’ve probably got one, but I don’t think it’s a better car, and I don’t think it’s worth the extra money. As for the review, I thought it was terrible and the guy is a joke. I’ve never seen anything else he has ever reviewed, and after this video I don’t think I’ll bother. Maybe he should have called it “ The 2 subjective reasons the tcr is better than the R”. Just my thoughts😖😂🤣😂
  5. Yeah loads of room there. Never mind. My second car is basically a golf trolley, but it would be nice to drive the R to the golf course. It’s a really nice drive, a mix of A and B roads. But the missus didn’t want to drive an estate, and we share the R between us!
  6. Just read this thread. Awesome looking R wagon. Makes me wish I’d gone for the estate so I can get my golf clubs in it! I agree with the wheels though. Prefer the top wheels not the replacements. Great thread👍🏻
  7. This is probably a stupid question, but what does wltp stand for? Here’s my new R I picked up 5 days ago. I love it, but have only done about 70 miles so far!
  8. How about these? I’m thinking of getting some, but not sure. Has anyone got these? https://www.diamondcarmats.com/product/black-and-blue-stitching-luxury-car-mats-set/
  9. Daztardly

    Gogs tcr

    Hi and welcome. Enjoyed the read. Just brought a brand new R and was very tempted with the tcr. They had a lovely white one in the showroom, and I think it looks loads better than the standard R. However I prefer the 4wd of the R, it’s a tad quicker 0-60 and slightly cheaper. But I would love to put the tcr brakes, front splitter and rear diffuser on my R.
  10. Daztardly


    Hi and welcome. Prets look great, by far my favourite R wheels. As for the rest, it’s all personal preference. Enjoy making those decisions👍🏻
  11. Daztardly


    Hi and welcome. Those wheels are much nicer than the Cadiz in my opinion. Looks good
  12. That looks like the standard drop, as new. I am pretty sure that hasn’t been dropped 20mm
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