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  1. Hi and welcome. Great looking car. Mine will be the hatch version of yours almost exactly. I went dynaudio though. Hopefully picking it up this week🤞🏻 Do they do a net for the hatchback? I foresee a similar issue as you’ve had😂
  2. Hi and welcome from the UK👍🏻 Great looking R
  3. Daztardly


    Hi and welcome. I am thinking of ceramic coating mine when I pick it up. Is it worth it?
  4. Daztardly


    Hi and welcome. Sounds like a great spec, and well modified.
  5. I’ve only seen that colour once before. It had silver Cadiz wheels and I thought it was ugly. With the black pretz and rear window I have to say it looks stunning. Totally changed my opinion on the colour. Also agree with the black mirrors though, think it will finish the car off. Great first car!
  6. Thanks. No nibbles yet, but very specific buyers. Also asking top price as it’s almost immaculate and well looked after. We’ll see how things progress in the next week.
  7. Lots of older songs, not really my cup of tea, but what a fantastic idea. Here’s a few that I like. Hopefully somebody else might like some of these too. A couple of summer tunes Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince- Summertime Friendly Fires - Jump in the pool Chemical brothers - The Test Camel phat - Cola For driving fast - Kanye West - Power Ludacris - Act A Fool DJ Fresh - Louder DJ Fresh - Gold dust
  8. Just be careful with eBay, lots of them are oettinger ‘style’ spoilers not the real thing if that’s what you’re after
  9. It’s amazing how much of a difference wheels make to the overall look of the car! Some really nice combos in there. It’s all down to personal taste, but I like the majority of the ones in this thread. I’m really not a fan of the Cadiz wheels, but in the 19’ on the white golf they really look good. Great thread overall👍🏻
  10. New to the forum so just catching up. A great thread with lots of useful info. Well written and easy to understand. Thanks for the info👍🏻
  11. Thanks guys. Yeah I imagine it will look very similar to yours Andy. I will post a few pics once I’ve picked it up. It’s gonna be a long 10/11 days. I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve! It will stay stock for a few months I think, as all my funds have gone on getting the car, service plan, Insurance’s etc. Only thing I’m considering doing straight away is getting it ceramic coated for protection and preservation. Has anyone done this and can recommend it?
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