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  1. Jsr94

    Hello everyone

    Thank you! I use Auto Glym tar remover to get the main of the crap off then just run over then with some wash and wax after. They was a state when I picked the car up 😅
  2. Jsr94

    Hello everyone

    Thanks! Yea I have to agree great colour under sunlight! Haha I wish thats the father in laws 😅 one day.....
  3. Jsr94

    Hello everyone

    Hey everyone Just signed up to this forum, owned my 2019 (69) since last year, absolutely love it. Few details about the car, Oryx White Full leather interior Akrapovic exhaust DCC Dynaudio The car is stock with only a racingline panel filter and a turbosmart blow off valve. Look forward to speaking to you all!
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