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  1. This is what I have in mine https://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Volkswagen_Golf_2.0_2011/p/car-parts/car-electrics-and-car-lighting/electrical/car-battery/?444770968&1&e31261a42bfa2d82dad9e46a5b0ee64d9f226035&000020 33% off at Eurocar parts so brings it down to around £122 with the code SAVE33 at checkout.
  2. Thanks mate, so I take it the standard pipes would fit but silicone higher quality ones are what I need? I'll take a look thanks.
  3. I've just picked up a second hand APR intercooler at a bargain price but the seller had some nasty looking red and blue intercooler pipes, doe's anyone know what good quality pipes would allow me to fit this to my MK6 R?
  4. PCV valve, I'd bet that's the culprit.
  5. Hi, would a set of TTRS caliper's and mounting brackets and discs be a direct fit on a Mk6 R? They are fitted to a Mk5 Gti at the moment.
  6. Brembo 18Z from a Audi, I got them as a complete kit and had a local Indy fit them, just the fronts for now. Like these. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BREMBO-18Z-CALIPERS-6pot-6-Pistons-GOLF-Mk5-6-Gti-R32-R20-Audi-A3-Audi-S4-B5-B6-/292083700940?hash=item44018b94cc:g:PJsAAOSwA3dYas5j
  7. Stage 2+ would need the clutch to be upgraded, seems to be the weak spot on the manual, I'm running APR Stage 2+ but have DSG and haven't bothered with a new intercooler as I don't really hammer it for long periods. Brake's need doing just for your own safety!
  8. I'm at Stage 2+ as well and mine doe's the same only when really gunning for it, I assumed it was all that extra power causing it?
  9. Mine was 3.9 sec for 0-60 BCS Powervalve turbo back with 200 cel sports cat, VWR intake, APR fuel pump+APR stage 2+ map, to the original question asked these do need to be at Stage2+ to unlock the true power of the car but as always this isn't cheap!
  10. Fantastic news, it's a nice feeling knowing the car is running as It should do!
  11. I hope so as the original Team dynamics ones are awful!
  12. I have a set of Team dynamics 1.3 and I never found a set of centre caps that would fit, went through so many and gave up looking. Sorry I have'nt been to helpful.
  13. Sanj


    Scum, hate to think the cnuts were in your house, I take my house and car keys next to my bedside at night just in case I need them.
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