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  1. utter rubbish. ask him to show you where it states that in the handbook.
  2. there is a cheap set of vogtlands on ebay at the moment 😉
  3. Looks like he has aftermarket suspension. How likely is this to happen to our cars with steel turrets and aftermarket springs? Ive hit a few pot holes with mine and it sounds and feels like the spring is gonna come out the top sometimes!
  4. I see prices of these have jumped again. Are people really paying up to 40k for one of these!!!?? Its one thing to see em up for even 25k but are they actually changing hands over that?
  5. Try starting vibration reduction to normal and xds weak.
  6. thats after they misdiagnosed my car, charged me for parts i didnt need and lied about the cause of the fault. i can complain to vw head office or the dealer head office but what good will that do! talk about one sided jury! ill just not spend my money there anymore. so i think you got away lightly with a bad wash. sod the dealer stamps from now on.
  7. they fessed up and said they were sending it away to be "polished out" to which i agreed. next day i rang they said it had been painted. VW DEALER LIARS! Its a long story but NEVER AGAIN!
  8. just watched it cheers
  9. at least they didnt scratch your wing and then paint it without your permission.....
  10. i can vouch for ricks tune, been very happy with it. s mode is so much better now.
  11. its 12 quid from a dealer for the concentrate which will make 3 litres when mixed with water 50/50
  12. How did you find the dsg with exhaust valves coded open?
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