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  1. About to do the donut on mine. Is it easy enough on the drive. Does it need new bolts. When you say took some effort to get off hiw did you acheive that. Thanks.
  2. I have both on the r. I prefer the goodyears as they have a softer side wall. They give a nicee ride with less noise
  3. You could but now it will be contaminated with all the crud thatvwas left in the housing and on the gauze.
  4. No calibration required. Take it to another garage.
  5. You will need: 5 and 8mm hex keys. Lint free rags. Cotten buds. Torx 10 (need to confirm) . 10mm socket. Flat blade screw driver. Syringe (or use a freezer bag with a hose if you dont have one). Containers to catch old fluid. Haldex fluid g-060175-a2. 1. Raise car. 2. Unclip harness from haldex unit by pushing 2x clips out. 3. Unclip pump connector using screwdriver and lots of patience (difficult access). 4. Remove sump filler plug with 5mm hex. 5. Remove sump plug with 8mm hex. 6. Catch old fluid. 7. Install sump plug. 8. Remove tw
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