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  1. if its out of warranty first thing to do would be get the level checked.
  2. Yes i looked at them but then you will still get the drone. With flaps full open on dsg its awful. I want the logic but i want it more aggressive and open in neutral and park.
  3. does that involve a dsg software tweak then? rick already did mine, maybe i should have asked at the time.
  4. Yes its an anoying feature of the earlier models that you cant have valves open unless ypu select drive. Never found a solution.
  5. Anyone got a link to a set of gloss black badges on ebay which clip on properly? The rear one i have just pulls off too easy.
  6. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk7-Golf-Dsg-Gaitor-Knob-In-Mint-Condition/113746414654?hash=item1a7bd08c3e:g:KgQAAOSwggZc2ACQ
  7. Ill be listing mine on ebay this weekend.
  8. I would not complain Id keep emailing chief as it seems to have result.
  9. Time to buy a drone and fly it over the local hot spots.
  10. I dropped my R off at vw and TOLD THEM IN WRITING which part was broken, but the "master tech" knew better and started swapping out other parts out. Total bill would have been 2K plus. In the end it was the part i said! We came to an agreement on the bill after they admitted to scratching my wing.... then lied about painting it. But i digress....
  11. ask them for the paper work. be interesting to see what is replaced. new pump I imagine. dont be fooled by what they tell you on the phone. by the time the message gets from the master tech (lol) to the girl on the service desk a pump turns into a "rear diff".
  12. can you put up a couple pics of the cable ties please. did you need to cut the pipe to the air box. does it look like it will pop off under engine flex?
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