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  1. dj219957

    Working under car.

    i have a set of wide metal ramps i got from germany and i use some home made wooden extensions i use to avoid catching the front bumper. i feel very safe under them.
  2. Never had an issue with mk5 gti. Nir my mate with his 5 and 6.
  3. That don't look too bad.
  4. dj219957

    Possible paint issues

    It's the paint they have to use these days to keep the tree huggers happy.
  5. dj219957

    Possible paint issues

    more corner cutting by vw. IMO build quality peaked late 2014.
  6. dj219957

    obd11 where to buy

    Get the pro
  7. dj219957

    225-45-18 Vs 225-40-18

    Goodyear eagle f1 are very soft compared to others I have had on my r
  8. dj219957

    VagCom for £55?

    Buy obdeleven. Does the same. I've used both. Nowt wrong with obd eleven.
  9. dj219957

    Golf mk7 Infotainment screen issue

    I have mib1 which I don't think can be user updated.
  10. dj219957

    Golf mk7 Infotainment screen issue

    Can you add further details of how to do this please.
  11. dj219957

    Seat covering

    I would leave it. Mess with it and it will be worse or you'll end up with new marks rattles etc.
  12. in the uk the sensor is behind the badge on the 7.5. someone has already tried swapping it for a different one and it messed up the acc
  13. dj219957

    Golf R Performance spoiler

    thats very similar to the maxton more than twice the price. https://www.maxtondesign.co.uk/body-kits/volkswagen/vw-golf/vw-golf-mk7/vw-golf-mk7-r20/spoiler-extension-vw-golf-mk7-r