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  1. Dealer will prob tell you you need a new pump if theyvare anything like the one local to me. Find someone with obdeleven or vcds if a fluid change and clean out doesnt fix it.
  2. Clean and reset the pump using my guides.
  3. 2014 golf r. Radiator failed at 61k miles.
  4. Looks too clean to be coolant. Aircon i reckon.
  5. Prices really are silly atm. 16150 for mine. Paid 22k 4.5 years ago. Put 40k miles on the car.
  6. Coolant rad drops out from the back without the need to remove bumper etc as confirmed by vw. Booked in with vw as i cba to do this weekend given the hot weather.
  7. Anyone had to replace there coolant radiator yet? 64 plate golf here with what looks like a leaky end tank. Coolant is dropping. Had the water pump done last year. Is it an easy job? I think it can be dropped out the bottom with minimal fuss? 2 hour diy? Rad 169 euro car parts G13 Coolant concentrate 25 ecp Deionized water 5 ecp
  8. A hard start from standstill with steering input applied will result in the car hitting the limiter in first and sometimes second. This is normal behaviour apparantly and can be avoided by pressing the esc button to sport first.
  9. My advice is if you want a decent custom map dont limit your options by area. Im midlands and went to unicorn in manchester as they are worth the drive.
  10. Super unleaded will remain as is from what i read.
  11. Can a bad map really cause damage to coil packs and injectors? Im confused?
  12. Stick to an oem car with no mods and put an elder friend with a clean licence as as named driver.
  13. The unicorn stage 1 i have pulls really hard up to 7k rpm!
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