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  1. pretty sure v5 dont show previous owner info anymore. gdpr.
  2. Having had my 2014 dsg 7 for over 3.5 years and having obdeleven for the same time ive done a lot of messing and expermenting with settings to get the car to behave more like a manual. Oh the dreaded throttle lag and pulling out of junctions! Below are the tweaks i think make the perfect ride for me. My freind has a manual 7 and having driven his it made me think something could be done to make it better. Might be of help to some. Haldex: Increased traction. Throttle reaponce: Normal. No, not responsive. Instead a turbo elbow panel filter and snow grate removal give a much better feel. Starting vibration reduction:Normal. Xds:Weak. Drive mode: Race. Car now pulls out of juctions nicely with a nice shove from the back with no dead throttle. Its a million times better from stock. One push on the stability control button for an even better drive but I like to have the front assist on most of the time just in case.
  3. Ive applied the increased traction mod now and will see how that affects clogging. I do my own haldex oil change and gauze clean every year myself.
  4. By far the best way if improving the throttle responce is to fit a turbo elbow remove snow grate and fit a panel filter. Since doing that ive sold the pedal box and even reverted the obdeleven app back to standard setting.
  5. Diy repaired mine having seen this cheers.
  6. I like unicorn over revo becuase its to your taste and he can put several maps on the car switchable via the mode button.
  7. Unicorn motor developments will be able to apply a custom tune bespoke to your car and requirements. £500. Dont cheap out. Cheap tune = problems.
  8. Fortunate that they can paint up to the line of the anti chip line.
  9. Ive gone right off him. His after race speaches make me cringe. He is a social media puppet. Cones across as an idiot now.
  10. Looks ok to me bumper is on right of picture.
  11. My coolant registered low today. Removed cap, big release of air and level settled. The heat can mess things up. I often get gurgles from fuel tank which are stopped by letting the air out.
  12. If it mk7 there is no confirmation to say its enabled. You just do the above wait for the pops and fartd and then release. Only 7.5 have the message to say enabled. Plant the accelerator and brake to be sure
  13. It shouldnt spin before the tune. Try the haldex clean and then calibration that i posted in 2 topics with obdeleven. Worked for me.
  14. Reading the service book again it says from registered date but we have emailed the lease company to check.
  15. hello everyone. my mrs has a lease car. looking at the service book it was pdi april 2019. dvla check shows registered may 2019. It was delivered to her in August 2019 Car has only done 4500 miles. First service is 18K miles or 12 months according to the service book. From what date does the 12 months apply?
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