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  1. Thankyou. Vehicle savers is where i saw that
  2. Looking at cheap lease deals to replace the R Post your best sub 250pm lease deals here: Best I can find atm
  3. given my experience with vw and their diagnostic skills id say they are way off with turbo. take it to a decent independent. sounds more like a sensor problem.
  4. Have you checked the haldex damper for splits in the rubber.
  5. More than likely the aftermarket wheels not seated tight on the hub at the rear. Borrow some oe wheels to rule out. From experience.
  6. I use this a lot. I wait till its at 80 untill giving it full beans.
  7. Its your ac. Dont worry about it.
  8. Halfords 096 agm purchased for 125 with trade car today. Fitted and coded with obdeleven today in 20 mins.
  9. to make any progress with this you need to scan the car and clear any faults. obdeleven is cheap way of doing this yourself. then you can also run the pump manually with obdelven to check it and check that its actually has been swapped out for a good one. if that fails it could be a problem with the clutch pack in haldex unit.
  10. this is catching. mine has given the low warning today. its struggled to start last few days. 096 agm is whats required. for anyone else a reg search wont always bring a result on the halfords site but if you put in 096agm they have stock 😉 then just change the serial number with obdeleven so that the car knows a fresh battery is fitted.
  11. I put this down to the snow grate removal and ramair panel filter. Adding the turbo inlet elbow upgrade also increases the sound of the recirc valve working as i have found out.
  12. centre mount by the resonantor . Ive fixed my mates too. He couldnt believe it when i fixed it so easy as it was driving him nuts. All you need to do is take of the rubber and trim the two inner nodules so they dont knock together over bumps.
  13. Fit for purpose argument isnt going to get you anywhere. They will argue failure due to run low on oil, mapped abuse etc.
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