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  1. Cant remember when it was done, but it was as per the schedule.
  2. I’ve extended the warranty every year and will continue to do so as long as we keep it. It’s only £330 odd.
  3. Jan 15. There’s 42k on it.
  4. Cheers for the replies folks. The car is under warranty so I’m not too concerned if the haldex does turn out to be faulty, it would just be nice to know! I had had the haldex “service” done at VW recently. I know they don’t change the filter and that it’s recommeded, but again as I have a warranty then I’m not too bothered about that. Yes I got it in my old TTS too the odd time, but she’s saying this is noticeably more frequent. Ill take the the car to work myself on Monday and see if it does it. Will also try the suggestion above to try out the 4wd.
  5. Mrs Lyons has reported that the traction control light has flashed on a few times over the last few weeks just during normal driving on perhaps bumpy roads. I’ve had a search through here and there’s a few other folk have experienced it while pushing hard, but she will not having been driving anywhere near flat out! Apparently there are no other symptoms, no loss of power or anything. Does anyone have any ideas of what could be causing it? I had a scan with Carista and the following appeared; The Haldex one seems to be the only one slightly related, but I had a google and I dont think it would be to blame? I wiped them the other day so will see what comes back tomorrow.
  6. If I didn’t have a warranty I would, but it just saves any potential hassle sticking with a dealer when it’s under a VW warranty.
  7. Folks, our R is now due its 4th service. The dash is just saying oil change, but looking at the book I reckon it needs a Major Service. Mrs Lyons also tells me the air con is stinking, so needs a refresh at £29. The DSG oil also needs changed as it has reached the required interval. Total price of £577 (plus I might get them to fit my rear pads). Just wondering what sort of discount is realistic to achieve from a main dealer? I discovered recently that some folk have supplied their own oil during a service, thus saving some £. I never knew that was an option! Am I right in thinking the R uses 5.5L?
  8. Folks, does anyone know the part number for the 5 clips that attach the holder to the bumper?
  9. Disaster. Put it all back together and of course it must be the wrong way. The + symbol didn’t light up and when I pulled the paddle up the lights on the wheel went off. Then when I stared the ignition a whole host of errors came up!! Tried to get the airbag off again to swap the wires round, and now the airbag won’t release. I can feel the metal clips being unsprung, but the airbag only pops for add a little and is still catching on something. I cannot get it released. I’ve had a fair few VAG steering wheels off and they always just come straight off when you unclip the spring. I can’t recall any reason why they would catch and not fall forward.
  10. Folks I’ve removed my steering wheel to swap it over and as I was removing the black trim I pulled the wires out of the connector for the + paddle. Now I’m left with 3 wires and I don’t know what way round they go in the connector. anyone any suggestions how I can work it out, or is the only option to try one way and if it’s wrong removed and then it upside down? ive already put them back in, but how the cable lies would suggest it’s wrong.
  11. Has anyone had a Mk7 steering wheel apart? I’m just wondering if the black trim of an R and the metal of a GTD/i can be removed, and if so are the bare leather wheels excavrly the same across the 3 models?
  12. The front number plate holder on our Golf has started to fade badly around the edge. Has anyone ever removed the holder, and if so where are the screw holes in relation to the bumper? Just wondering if I could ditch the holder and stick the plate to the bumper. Alternatively does anyone have the part number of the holder?
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