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  1. Res is to quite I had valved resonated and sports cat. Now I’m non res with the awe switchpath so I can open and close the valves when I please, drone is minimal at 70 it creeps in at 80+ even with valves closed
  2. No worries Are you going to see if the gtr tips fit?
  3. It’s the harness I swapped them around and the problem followed. Just trying to get another one now 🤬
  4. do you no what Leuchte18BLK HLA60 should be set to The harness only effects the brake light I believe here is the coding from the instructions I don’t think they relate to indicators, but I could be wrong. Thanks for chirping in If you have a guide to retrofit these that would be cool Leuchte20BR LA71-Dimmwert AB 20 – to 127 Leuchte20BR LA71-Dimmwert CD 20 – to 0 Leuchte20BR LA71-Lichtfunktion C 20 – to nat active Leuchte20BR LA71-Lichtfunktion D 20 – to not active Leuchte21BR RC8-Dimmwert AB 21 – to 127 Leuchte21BR RC8-Dimmwert CD 21 – to 0 Leuchte21BR RC8-Lichtfunktion C 21 – to not ative Leuchte21BR RC8-Lichtfunktion D21 – to not active Leuchte 23SL HLC10-Dimmwert AB 23 – to 0 Leuchte 23SL HLC10-Dimmwert CD 23 – to 127 Leuchte 23SL HLC10-Lichtfunktion A 23 – to not active Leuchte 23SL HLC10-Lichtfunktion E 23 – to not active Leuchte 24SL HRA65Dimmwert AB 24 – to 0 Leuchte 24SL HRA65-Dimmwert CD 24 – to 127 Leuchte 24SL HRA65-Lichtfunktion A 24 – to not active Leuchte 24SL HRA65-Lichtfunktion E 24 – to not active Leuchte27NSL RC6-Dimmwert Ab 27 – to 127
  5. I paid £300 for them off eBay. That’s what I thought was just the brake light, I think I might of changed a wrong channel by mistake but not 100% sure if I did. I need to no what channel the outside cluster passenger side indicator is so I can check i didn’t change it by mistake. As it’s just flashing and not scrolling
  6. Just done a retro fit fl tail lights with adiamant harness done all the coding and rechecked it 3 times now can’t see any thing wrong so I’m calling on some vcds experts, my outer left indicator is flashing rather than scrolling any one got any ideas how to fix this or no what the stock setting should be for the left outer turn signal Please New I should of learnt German at school lol not sure how to attach a vid here either
  7. Is their a lip on the discs, how many miles you done on them? You could have a nackered brake hose, or have let air into the abs pump to bleed that probably you need to use vcds to open it I believe
  8. My current stage 2 makes 28psi so 1.931bar according to my p3 calibrated to my altitude so if I was go with this quick spooling turbo what would I need to support it for the best results?
  9. But will it help that’s the question same with the map sensor
  10. When you say basic spec could you go into more detail, I’ve been waiting to see what results this turbo brings I’m stage2 mrc 424ps 440ftlbs here is my engine mods .forge cai .forge tip .forge turbo muffler delete .forge intercooler .gfb dvx .rs7 plugs .sports cat turbo back miltek .awe switchpath remote Would I need more than the turbo and a hpfp to get near 500 safely 4bar map sensor etc
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