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  1. How have you managed to get the sat nav display on both the gauge cluster and info screen? Is that a odbeleven/vcds thing?
  2. Winter pack is standard on the 7.5R now, but was an extra on the 7.
  3. Rozkipz

    Facelift Mods

    The facelift model doesn't have a traffic button on the MIB, but it does seem to use RDS (at least here in the UK) but that only (seems to) report major crashes on major roads, and not things like roadworks or queue build ups on smaller ones, like google maps does.
  4. Can't say I noticed a difference with it enabled either.
  5. Rozkipz

    Facelift Mods

    Can OBDEleven put android auto on the digital dash? The lack of proper traffic data drives me insane with the built in nav, but love it being directly in my line of sight.
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