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  1. A couple years late on this thread, but the clunking is a real thing with my 2015 Golf R.
  2. https://eurozonetuning.com/collections/mk7cfsteeringwheels Pardon the multi-posting. I guess i don't see an edit button
  3. it was a little under $900 usd. I am returning my existing wheel , so i will get money back for that also.
  4. For me, one of the cons to the MK7 Golf R is the steering wheel. It just isn't thick enough and it also has a strange geometry to it, in that i feel that the face is not flat enough The MK6 steering wheel was considerably more comfortable. After going on a 500 mile cruise up here in the PNW i decided i needed to make a change. I researched steering wheel upgrades and came upon the Eurozone Tuning EZT Carbon Wheel and i became infatuated. I reached out with a bunch of questions to someone at EZT and quickly got a response (more on the response later) answering all of my questions regarding fit and finish of the wheel. Many emails later i decided to pull the trigger and order one of these wheels. I wanted to keep it as OEM as possible, so i opted with a matte carbon finish to match the door pieces, gunmetal stitching and a gunmetal centerline. My order was placed on 4/20 and i received the wheel on about 5/27. It was a long lead time, but considering that the wheel is a custom order and hand stitched, it was an understandable amount of time. Unboxing. This wheel was well protected in plastic and foam. Once i removed all of the wrapping i was immediately ecstatic with my purchase. The wheel is beautiful. The fit and finish was clean and tight. The muted appearance of the matte carbon finish and gunmetal stitching and color worked perfectly with the scheme of the other OEM interior pieces. The wheel was heavy in that you know you bought a quality piece kind of way. I couldn't wait to install this. install. I gathered all of the needed tools, and headed to the garage late on a Saturday night. I've done steering wheel swaps before, so i decided i was going to time myself. Well with some interruptions here and there, i was able to get the old wheel off and the new wheel on in no time. Full disclosure... i had some problems with figuring out how to connect the wires. Total rookie move on my part. Here's where the "response" comes back in to play. I sent an email to EZT with my concerns regarding the install, and i started putting my old wheel back on. within a few minutes i get an email back from Bill (owner @ EZT) addressing some of my questions. Now understand this is about 10 PM PST and i believe Bill is on the East Coast. We exchanged emails back and forth and after about another 45 minutes my new wheel was reconnected and installed. The majority of that time was spent removing my old trim, because I opted to re-use my airbag and trim pieces to save a little money. Conclusion. I wanted to give it a couple of weeks before writing this, but i couldn't be more thrilled with this purchase. The car enthusiast always looks for reasons to feel connected to the car. This was accomplished. It has satisfied my modification urge.....................for a little while, anyway. hahaha.....
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