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  1. A couple years late on this thread, but the clunking is a real thing with my 2015 Golf R.
  2. https://eurozonetuning.com/collections/mk7cfsteeringwheels Pardon the multi-posting. I guess i don't see an edit button
  3. it was a little under $900 usd. I am returning my existing wheel , so i will get money back for that also.
  4. For me, one of the cons to the MK7 Golf R is the steering wheel. It just isn't thick enough and it also has a strange geometry to it, in that i feel that the face is not flat enough The MK6 steering wheel was considerably more comfortable. After going on a 500 mile cruise up here in the PNW i decided i needed to make a change. I researched steering wheel upgrades and came upon the Eurozone Tuning EZT Carbon Wheel and i became infatuated. I reached out with a bunch of questions to someone at EZT and quickly got a response (more on the response later) answering all of my questions r
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