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  1. Keith in alloy wheel / discount tyres in Blanchardstown. Gone to Keith for years.
  2. True, its really just for piece of mind.
  3. Delcaring mods is definitely not a big thing here. Any insurance company I rang with the hope of getting a quote basically ran a mile. I didn't decalre mods on my MK5 GTI but with the R being worth significantly more, I would just feel more secure if I could declare them. The mods that I would be looking at; TBE with Sports Cat 200cell, Joe Power Remap, Upgraded Intercooler and possibly an airintake
  4. Hi Folks, I'm looking at modding the R and going straight to stage 2. Just wondering if anyone on here has declared their mods, and if so to what insurance companies in Ireland? I'm struggling to get a quote from anyone once they hear preformance modifications. Understantably, PM me if you don't want to discolse publicly! Cheers
  5. Yup and unfortunately Ireland only has poxy 95 ron. Couldn't be bothered paying an extra 20quid per tank for NF octane booster either !
  6. Strange yeah, I personally would have thought 380-390 with that setup but tuner reckons more along the lines of 360-370.
  7. Hi Folks, What remap BHP gains do you think one could expect with just a TBE and high flow filter?
  8. Has anyone got before and after pictures of their leather seat warranty claims?
  9. Yeah I tried through that too. I was passed onto customer service. I have always used Finglas for services without issues... This time was a disaster to say the least. I have been back and forth between Joe Duffy so much I just don't want to deal with them any more.
  10. NoelRev

    Performance monitors

    Nope, dealer is gone off the radar as expected. No doubt they wanted to see the back of me as much I did the same. Posted the story here, last week, on what happened when the car was with them. https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/27305-irish-dealership-issue/?tab=comments#comment-424674
  11. I wrote to VWGI in liffey valley. This is the reponse I got, and I also CC'd the Head of Aftersales on the mail.; Dear Mr. Reville, Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, as this issue is solely in relation to Joe Duffy workmanship, Volkswagen Ireland would not be able to assist you. If you are unhappy with the resolution Joe Duffy are offering, we would recommend discussing your concerns with SIMI. They would be able to assist you further in this matter. Clearly they have no regard for their customers.
  12. Thats what I thought but apparently they do! Coming from a mate of a mate that works in VW. 70% GM ... who wouldn't want a business that could make that profit ! 😂
  13. Haha yeah true. I'm pretty happy I got new prets yeah but I still think (feel) I should have had all the issues rectified and some sort of compensation. I'm pretty sure Prets cost the dealership €300 per rim.
  14. I said I would post my story when the time was right. Well tha time has come where I can actually let people know, if you decide to use VW Joe Duffy Finglas (Ireland), do so, at your own peril! A "brief" synopsys of my experience. Believe me its condensed as much as possible with my best attempt at painting an overall picture. Read at your own peril!! Arrived at dealership. Greated in the usual fashion. Explained that the boot had never opened correctly and demonstrated the issue. Informed the agent that there is a strange rattle that happens every now and again, which I believe is coming from under the steering rack. Later that day I recieved a call to say the car was ready for collection. I arrived at the dealership and was informed that further investigation and repair works would be required. I explained to the agent that I was off work for a week on April 9th - 13th, that this would be an ideal time to have the car booked in for the 3 day works required. This was booked in and a courtesy car was arranged. I later called closer to the date and was informed that there is no record of the car being booked in. The sole purpose of my call was to request that an update to the MIB2 infotainment display was applied during the investigation/ repair works. If that call never happened I would have arrived at the dealership for no reason. Monday April 9th, arrived at the dealership as planned. Three days pass and I have recieved no phone calls to keep me updated on the situation. Thursday 12th. Made a call, as I was concerned about the insurance on the courtesy car etc. I was then informed that another day would be required for the works. Two days pass, still no update. Monday 16th I called again looking for an update. I was then informed that the car would be ready on Wednesday 18th. Wednesday 18th. No call recieved. Call made at approximately 17:30. Informed that the car was not ready. Thursday April 19th. Informed car is ready for collection. I said I would be at the dealership for 17:00. Arrived and was left waiting for approx 45 minutes. No documentation recieved of works carried out nor an explination etc. I get into my car an immediately noticed that the odometer has increased by over 100km as the petrol gage was less than half and the MIB2 update mentioned above had not been applied. I drove off annoyed. I arrived home after taking the M50 and once I steped out of the car, walking around the passenger side, I immediately notice serious scuff marks to the rear left alloy. I tried immediately to call the dealership and inform of the damage but it is past 18:00 at this stage. I then took a more detailed look at my car and found that not 1 but 3 of the alloys had been badly marked and the bootlid dented & scratched!! An attempt was made to contact the services manager, the next morning on Friday 20th. I was informed that the manager was busy and would get back to me that afternoon. The manager replied via email on Friday night informing that the issue would be resolved and appologising for the delayed response. As of April 30th, I had recieved no update as to how this issue will be rectifed despited being assured that this would be the case. VW offered to refurbish my Prets which I was not content with as I knew colour matching and lacquer peal etc would be a problem. Eventually I caved in fear that the issue was not going to be resolved if I didn't accept that replacement alloys were not coming my way, and accpeted the alloys be refurbished "back to manufacter quality". Along with the other issues rectified. After dropping the car off for its 3 day repair works, I arrived back at the dealership to inspect the car. The dent to the boot lid was repaired well and is no longer evident but the scratch is still visible. The pretorias are restored and the work is pretty good, however the colour is completly off. The dealership couldn't believe that the colour was different and It took a trip to another dealership and photo evidence to prove it . They then wanted to take the car again, and bring it to an external " alloy wheel specialist" to verify. Once this was done, they eventually caved and agreed to supply new prets but would not be doing anything about the scatch to my bootlid. Recieved the new Prets yesterday (almost 2 months of hassel) and I'm happy out with them but I'm still left with a car that was not damaged by myself. ie. the bootlid scratch and driven over 100kms by the dealership. Well theres my story, thanks for reading.
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