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  1. Hi all. Any body know the part number for the oeittinger boot badge ? Can you order it from VW dealer? Thanks all
  2. Hi all. Has any had a issue with there rear clusters starting to crack at the bottom where they sit above the bumper. Bought some genuine vw replacements less than 6 months ago and one of them is starting to show stress cracks in the bottom of the lens. Have taken the light out to have a look and there is no signs of damage to the bumper or paint work on bumper and no signs of damaged to the light aoart from these hairline cracks in the bottom . Very odd. Checked the gaps around bumper and light and there is a gap. Nothing much i can adjust as it sits on a plastic bracket. Only think i can assume is it has been rubbing on the bracket some how as there was only one rubber buffer on the bracket . So might need a few more to cushion the light where it sits on the bracket . Or the light is faulty production? Any thoughts welcome
  3. This golf Mk7 GTD has a few rattles that are annoying . Fixed a few of them . To be honest with you all . I have never owned a car with so many little niggles before and expected a lot better than this in a mk7 golf. Front seat belt height adjuster and recliner handles rattled, fixed now Rear seat belt buckles in seat and belt buckles rattled. Fixed now. Rear seat drop down load through opening arm rest . Fixed now. Centre console gear surround trim creaks. Drivers seat creaks when i turn left. Creaky door and felt seals . Fixed using vw lubricant. Tin rattle sound from boot area possible rear light plastics or rear exhaust heat shield causing the problem Now getting a twanging noise like a elastic band twanging from either behind instruement cluster or drivers A post trim when on poor road surface. Not found exact cause yet. Drumming noise from boot floor due to poor sound proofing felt and lack of. Now fixed Panoramic roof rattles and creaks. Despite using the vw lubricant on it and the door seals . Need to drop headlining to find the creak so aint going to bother as i never get the head lining back in correctly. So not impressed at the minute. Would i buy another Golf mk7 or a mk8 again . Over all build quality and technology in the car is very good but its let down by stupid little niggles and faults like this that should not be in the car to start with . So answer is doubt it. The mk5 was better built than this mk7 . I turn the radio on all the time that way carnt here the rattles. As long as the radio doesnt stop working .........
  4. Hi. Yes fault has cleared. Rescanned two days later. Fault not showing up. But this is third time its showed this fault after it showed the fault after about a month or so. So am i correct in assuming its a alarm activation warning?
  5. Hi all. Any one had a issue or know what this fault might be: ran a scan with obd11. Says fault central electrics anti theft alarm system sensor alarm emergency activation stage 1 Any ideas or is it nothing to worry about??
  6. Hi all. Any one had a issue or know what this fault might be: ran a scan with obd11. Says fault central electrics anti theft alarm system sensor alarm emergency activation stage 1 Any ideas or is it nothing to worry about??
  7. Hi all. Now this setting is working. Just had to do it then restart the car after taking it for a run and now it works. Llights on when leaving car for 10 seconds automatically and when going to open the car. Very handy at winter time with dark nights. Will change back in summer time or just switch lights off auto.
  8. I have these set at factory default of 10 seconds . Do i need to change them both or just the come home setting to 20 seconds for this to work?
  9. Hi , have just tried this now with obd11 and changed the settings to auto. Did the programming sat in the car with engine running in the dark with lights set to auto so where on. Switched off the car and got out and locked the car . No change . Lights didnt stay on . Am i missing some thing? Light delay set to 10 seconds, does this need changing on head unit? Any thoughts all?
  10. Hi all. Just tried to set this up on my golf gtd. Started car. Light settings set at 10 seconds for come home and welcome Light switched set to auto . Switched ignition off. Flashed main beam Locked car Lights stayed on for 10 seconds . Tried this a few times. Headlights only come on when i unlock the car , not when i lock it So am assuming every time i want headlights to stay on before i lock the car is to flash the headlamps via the main beam stalk? Or program via obd11 etc? Thanks all
  11. Some none oem mirror caps are not good , china copy ones are rubbish
  12. Mine was the same. So got a new rear window fitted. In process marked the paint work and re fitted a new rear glass the roof spolier sits hard up against it . Auto windscreens fitted it. Car now in a bodyshop and they are re doing the work . Total nightmare hassle. Arguing cost with auto windscreens and might take them to small claims court as its been a total mess up by them
  13. Yes mine was the same . Had a new rear window fitted . Now dont like gaps with rear spoiler wings .
  14. Well i aint alone then on these sun roof rattles
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