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  1. Hi all. Now this setting is working. Just had to do it then restart the car after taking it for a run and now it works. Llights on when leaving car for 10 seconds automatically and when going to open the car. Very handy at winter time with dark nights. Will change back in summer time or just switch lights off auto.
  2. I have these set at factory default of 10 seconds . Do i need to change them both or just the come home setting to 20 seconds for this to work?
  3. Hi , have just tried this now with obd11 and changed the settings to auto. Did the programming sat in the car with engine running in the dark with lights set to auto so where on. Switched off the car and got out and locked the car . No change . Lights didnt stay on . Am i missing some thing? Light delay set to 10 seconds, does this need changing on head unit? Any thoughts all?
  4. Hi all. Just tried to set this up on my golf gtd. Started car. Light settings set at 10 seconds for come home and welcome Light switched set to auto . Switched ignition off. Flashed main beam Locked car Lights stayed on for 10 seconds . Tried this a few times. Headlights only come on when i unlock the car , not when i lock it So am assuming every time i want headlights to stay on before i lock the car is to flash the headlamps via the main beam stalk? Or program via obd11 etc? Thanks all
  5. KT600

    Carbon Mirror Caps?

    Some none oem mirror caps are not good , china copy ones are rubbish
  6. KT600

    Panel Misalignment

    Mine was the same. So got a new rear window fitted. In process marked the paint work and re fitted a new rear glass the roof spolier sits hard up against it . Auto windscreens fitted it. Car now in a bodyshop and they are re doing the work . Total nightmare hassle. Arguing cost with auto windscreens and might take them to small claims court as its been a total mess up by them
  7. KT600

    Panel gap; rear glass and tailgate

    Yes mine was the same . Had a new rear window fitted . Now dont like gaps with rear spoiler wings .
  8. KT600

    Sunroof rattle

    Well i aint alone then on these sun roof rattles
  9. KT600

    Creaking noise in the door frame?

    If it has a panoramic roof you must use the correct stuff from vw as per there technical bullitin Grease for mechanism Kratox grease NOT lubricant for seals. Kratox liquid can be used on any where else but not on the roof seals vw have told me
  10. KT600

    Creaking noise in the door frame?

    Picking the grease and kratox lubricant up tomorrow. Should be worth the effort and maintance of panaromic roof i hope
  11. Hi all. Have got i believe a problem with the boot lid spolier. Had a new back window fitted to the car . Now i am getting a noise from the boot lid spolier just below the 3rd brake light. Can i just confirm with people who have either a gtd or gti or type r golf mk7 that when you gently press down on the top of the boot lid spolier: the painted section you do not get any noise? I suspect either the spoiler has been damaged in some way when it got took off the car or some clips are broken or missing, but more like damaged as its sitting ok. Just makes a noise . Any feed back welcome .
  12. KT600

    Creaking noise in the door frame?

    Have ordered the grease and lubricant for sunroof and some of this kratox for door seals . I need to get the right stuff for panoramic roof as that makes rattles as well like a old wooden barge noises . Vw build quality on mk7 not as it used to be . Thing is i think its the same issues with all modern cars these noises , and same little quality faults.
  13. KT600

    Creaking noise in the door frame?

    Hi. Can confirm the kratox oil people are talking about is the liquid form You can buy the gel formula as well from vw and this is what is recommended as it wont get on the paint work for the sunroof Part number is for small tube version: G052141A2 So this might be better than the liquid version talked about on here?
  14. KT600

    Sunroof rattle

    Hi thanks for information If i am correct there seems to be 3 lubricants/ greases i need to buy then One is the kratox liquid for stopping door seal noise and creaks. One is a grease that is applied to the sunroof seals to stop them creaking. And one is a grease for the moving mechanism of the sunroof frame and moving parts. Does this sound right? I wonder if i can use the sunroof grease for the door seal as well??