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  1. Yes! Apologies. All fitted fine, bedding them in for a while, but they seem as good as what was on before, i assume OEM as I only just got the car.
  2. give me a PM if it comes up for sale, ill keep my eyes on the classifieds!
  3. defo interested in the exhaust, is it valved?
  4. mine does the same, so hope its normal!
  5. Also had an injector go on my C63 causing all kinds of scary seeming issues, but it was £200 to replace and all was well again
  6. I had a 2012 Coupe C63 performance pack and bloody loved it! I did about 12k miles in 10 months and quite a bit on fuel. Rear tyres I went through 1.5 sets of rears in that and some fronts I renewed, off memory about £1500 in tyres. Obviously road tax is steep and MPG i averaged about 18 I think. Best I got on a long run was 23mpg. The sheer noise is incredible, good fun to play with, mine had an LSD. Although the gearbox was nothing compared to a DSG, it was what let the car down for me really. Other than that I wouldn't get the performance pack (different brakes, £2k a set of fronts I was quoted to change) but a lovely car overall 👍
  7. Bought it last month on 63k Miles, 2015 car. Just about to pass 64k miles. Hopefully not something catastrophic about to go wrong 😂
  8. Thankyou! For what I paid I couldn't resist, probably sell them for more now if I wanted. Do you happen to have the foot rest from Aliexpress too? I can't seem to find it and or its benefits, thanks!
  9. The parts I have from ECP are: Front Discs x2 10444212A Rear Discs x2 10444126A Rear Pads 10144208A Front Pads 10144422A I think these are right for mine. The brembo part number finder I used on Brembo site. Bare in mind mine is 2015 Hatchback. https://www.bremboparts.com/europe/en/catalogue/vw-golf-vii-5g1-bq1-be1-be2-2-0-r-4motion/000100075-1 I'll report back on Tuesday if these all fit right
  10. I have just purchased the full brembo discs and pads, front and rear off ECP and being fitted next Tuesday. Ill try and remember to report back, if not send me a PM and ill let you guys know.
  11. Ahhh you got me, I was waiting to see if anyone could spot the mistake 🙈 NOT 😂
  12. First 'mod' I bought some VWR Paddles from a Facebook group. Great price and big difference.
  13. Yes mate, blue one parked next to my mates Mk2 Focus RS in Green. Some great roads around there.
  14. Ahhh I saw your R at the meet, was a great turnout and some lovely stuff there (and a Ferrari 355 rep, why do people do this? 😂) Sounds like you had a good weekend, hard to put faces to cars sometimes at these meets. The Haynes museum is good!
  15. Very kind of you, although getting in a stage 2 car might see me off to the bank for a loan 😂 Would absolutely love too though, if you ever have any intentions of heading that way let me know. It seems they know what they are up to at Retro Resus
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