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  1. Might have been my car as I cancelled my order
  2. I wonder if this is true for other cars as well? I ordered beginning of Nov and on the tracker my car was also being built. It'd be nice if it was delivered in March with the new spec
  3. I have also moved back to build week confirmed of 29/10/18. Just when I thought that there might be a possibility of getting the car in Feb, VW have gone and made sure that their customers remain disappointed and clueless
  4. Lease company have already approved all mods as long as they're reversible and the car is returned in OEM state
  5. Do these make a noticeable difference to the car in day-to-day driving?
  6. This past week has been an absolute rollercoaster with specs and delays and all sorts. I'm just hoping that the cars get pushed out ASAP over the holiday period and people start getting their cars in January, be it mid or end! It's easier not to feel bitter about the change in specs when you have the car parked out on the drive
  7. This is the news that I wanted to hear as my car has been stuck in "Build in Progress" for a while now. Spoke to the lease company today and they have said that they'll speak to the dealer and see what they say about the keyless and reverse camera. If VW release all post-WLTP with the MY19 specification then they may have just redeemed themselves in my eyes
  8. I actually wouldn't mind paying for the now standard kit. Both the keyless entry and RVC were things I wanted to spec but was told by my lease company that delivery would be pushed back to March time as opposed to end of December/beginning of January when the car was due to be delivered apparently. Now it looks like I won't get the car until March anyway so I might give them a call and see if I can get a car with the options on there and roughly the same wait time.
  9. Thanks guys Might give the lease company a ring in the morning and find out what's what
  10. Can I just ask what websites these were by the way? Might see if I can hunt around for a better offer.
  11. I've ordered an R from a leasing company and will be receiving a post-WLTP car. My concern is that the car has already been built so will miss out on 2 very useful features which are now standard by the looks of it. I've got half a mind to cancel my order and put a new order in for one of these cars that has it as standard
  12. I have also been reassured by my leasing company that I can expect the car by end of January but only time will tell. I genuinely can't think of anything else I'd rather have though so I guess we'll have to play the waiting game.
  13. I've decided against it because the cost outweighs the benefit. At least if you buy your own sealant and wax, you can go on to use it on other cars in the future. If I was buying the car to own outright then a full detail and ceramic coating would be exactly what I'd go for. I've bought most of my mods now and i'll update my original post to list what i've got and what i've got left to buy
  14. This is a really difficult decision for me because: i'll only be keeping the car for 2 years; it's a lease car; and getting it ceramic coated once, is the same as me buying a full detailing kit that will allow me to keep the car clean for the entirety of the time I have it. I only plan on washing the car myself and will be using @Booth11's excellent guide to detailing to ensure that it stays swirl free. It's definitely more effort but I can't justify the cost for a product that will remain on the car.
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