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  1. Where were you getting it tuned when this happened?
  2. Nice one Dan, that's reassuring, thanks for letting me know, cheers.
  3. Pristine Alloy Wheels in Milton Keynes have quoted me the best price, £88 including courier to collect and deliver back afterwards. Provided I just send the wheel without tyre. Hope they do a good job.
  4. Because mine is mapped I've read 5w40 is a better oil to use, with mapped engines. I've also heard this Millers Nanodrive CFS OIl that I've got, is one of the best oils you can get for mapped, and even very highly tuned vehicles.
  5. Yeah, suppose a lot of people don't actually know what oil was put in by previous owners etc. cheers.
  6. Hi guys, My Car currently has Quantum Platinum 5w40 Oil in it. I have a 1 litre bottle of Millers Nanodrive CFS 5w40 here which I was going to do a top up with. I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's OK to top up with a different brand of oil? (As long as the weighting is the same - 5w40) Thanks. P.S. Car is REVO Stage 1
  7. Hey, I've just watched that video, and, I seem to have the exact same sound coming from mine aswell, at a very similar kind of speed to that it's most pronounced. I noticed it not long after I bought the car a few weeks ago, so I'm a new owner aswell. My Car is a 2015 Manual on 40,000 miles. I thought it may just have been a characteristic of the Car, and some kind of transmission noise or something, perhaps it's just the tyres then hopefully. Anyone else get this noise?
  8. Has anyone who is with LV had a decat fitted? What did they say or charge?
  9. Agreed. The LGs are such great value OLEDs. Arguably the best TVs you can buy.
  10. That's a good price as I don't need the rim welding either. Where was that from? Is it one you can do online and send the wheel via Courier?
  11. Cheers. Could look out for a spare on ebay as an option then. That's only £8 more than the refurb quote I've had!
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