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  1. Does anyone know the part no for these on a Mk7.5 mine are quite scratched and I fancy replacing them. I think I have found them but not sure. I think they are 5G6805945C and 5G6805946C but not sure if the spoiler changed over the years or with GTI > R
  2. Maxton? Looks good. It doesn't go right to either side right? You got a closer view of that? I thought it might look bad but looks good on yours
  3. Not sure - might be worth giving VW customer services a bell. I had to just now because even once logged in I couldn't see all the information due to a typo in my name. Once they fixed it they sent me a PDF of the service history and couldn't have been more helpful
  4. I ended up ordering these in an ET44 (18 x 8 ) offset, arrived today from tyreleader. Took about a week and super pleased with them especially for the price. They have radius seat holes so even the stock bolts/security bolt will fit. Tyres getting mounted today all going well and will share a photo once complete. I like them better than standard so can see them becoming my main set rather than winters
  5. Nevermind - found the "My Volkswagen" app\site and that has it.
  6. Is there any way to access the service history online for a mk7.5R? On the VW site it mentions it's all digital now, but I assumed i'd be able to access it in the vehicle like in my previous BMW but it looks like you have to get the dealer to do it? Assume you can get a copy from the service department?
  7. Where did you get them from? I just got my R about a week ago and was just looking at replacing them
  8. Looks great - the black accents set it off. Good choice.
  9. Those look great. I thought about Cadiz but worried bout the diamond cut finish with the salted roads.
  10. I'd seen the FF1 they look great but couldn't see them in 57.1 offset and don't fancy spigot rings (never used them before). Thanks for the link, will have a browse
  11. Considering these for my winter set, I have a set of practically new Dunlop Winter Sport's that I had on my BMW for 2 years that have loads of tread that I fancy re-fitting on some rims for my new R. Not that it's bad in the colder weather but my wife is a nurse and has to go out in all sorts of weather and figured this would make make the car even better in the cold. Found these on tyreleader for £95 each delivered which seems too good to be true, but a google around seems to suggest they are legit. The offset could be doing with a few more MM, but since I'll need to buy bolts for them with a tapered seat I can look at spacers with longer bolts at the same time if i fancy it. https://www.tyreleader.co.uk/alloy-wheels-brands/borbet/y-3820/8x18-et48-5x112-57.1-817953?car=32342 They are double the cost here for example: https://www.performancealloys.com/borbet-y-matt-titan Found a YouTube video that showed them - they look good IMO
  12. My wife's got a 2015 F56 Cooper S and we both love it. It's been dead reliable and gave great MPG even when driven quite hard. As mentioned above the B48 is great. Space is OK, if I drive (6ft3) there's no room behind me, but i can fit in the back behind my wife if we are carrying 4. One thing to watch buying used\pre reg is the spec's seem all over the place. Some have the wide nav, and some have a very basic 3 row LCD as "Visual Boost" was quite an expensive option but well worth getting as it's basically iDrive. They also sound great right out the box (well the S does) a bit asbo in sport but quietens down in comfort.
  13. Nice! Like the silver on silver look.
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