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  1. GTIMike

    BMW 435d

    I know what you are saying about this diesel outcry at the moment but its not really much different to when 4 star leaded petrol was outlawed back in the 90's. There are too many diesels on the road for the government to just say No more fuel. I live out in the sticks in Lancashire, very rarely go near a major city other than visiting the parents in the Manchester suburbs so not bothered about possible pollution charges. I only tend to keep cars 2 years at the most so not overly bothered about short term depreciation plus I'm not spending much more than £22-23k on a second hand one so if I take a hit it shouldn't be too harsh. I have looked at the 440i's but if I were to go petrol I would be kicking myself for not just buying a M3/M4 in the first place. I might also look at the 430d's, a pal has an F30 330d and that goes very well for what it is but I'm always the sort to want that little bit more hence the 435.
  2. GTIMike

    BMW 435d

    Yes I appreciate there is the practicality of the gran coupe but I've had a look at a friends 420 and don't think our Labrador would be too happy in the boot on the odd occasion it would travel in my car so I'm not overly bothered about the extra doors or hatch. The kids are old enough to cope with 2 doors but not big enough to moan about a lack of space so I've set my heart on a coupe. For me, the coupe with the M performance kit and a nice set of OE wheels looks the business. A good compromise for the M4 I would love if it wasn't for over stretching the budget.
  3. GTIMike

    BMW 435d

    Yes, that's whats appealling - the engine. I'd love an M4 but probably a bit too focused for me day to day and I think the fuel consumption would start to annoy me after a while. Plus the 435's are 4 wheel drive, I live on the edge of the pennine's and get quite a lot of snow in the winter so that's a must with all the power. I'm going to stick my car up for sale and see what happens I think.
  4. GTIMike

    BMW 435d

    I just haven't gelled with it, I can't put my finger on why. I ran a Golf Edition 30 DSG for 6 years and loved it but I've just never felt the same with this car. I can't honestly say what it is, its a good car, drives well, looks good but there's something missing for me. I just want something a little more grown up I think. A mate used to have the previous model 335d and I had a drive of that a good few years ago and loved the instant power.
  5. I'm still getting use to mine. I only tend to use it on the motorway and it can be useful but I've had an odd incident whereby the car wouldn't let me accelerate as the sensor picked up a vehicle to the side on a sharp bend, I thought the engine had cut out and I was in the fast lane panicking. Also, does the emergency braking trigger the brake lights? I nearly had a guy rear end me on the M6 yesterday when I van pulled out on me wtihout warning. I tend to use it on its shortest sensor setting but its still an odd drive.
  6. 26-28 mpg average for me over my ownership, most of it running a JB4 on map 2. Took my JB4 off the car on saturday and the did a 150 mile round trip on quiet motorways at fast lane speeds.... MPG for my now standard car was pretty much identical to Stage 1 map at 28.5. I usually get 300ish miles to a tank, same as the Edition 30 I ran for 6 years before it.
  7. Whatever you do, do not fit a Resonator delete pipe for the extra noise! I've just had to endure a trip to the Lake District and back this weekend and the drone at motorway speeds is unbearable. If i wasn't now selling my car it would be coming off 100%
  8. GTIMike

    BMW 435d

    Anyone owned one? And thoughts if so. I've had a change of heart this weekend and my R is going up for sale, I just can't get on with the manual gearbox and need something a little more subdued for motorway mile munching. The 435d is the only car that is really appealing to me in the price range, I know it won't go down a B road like the Golf but in all honesty I can count on 1 hand the number of times I've had chance to really enjoy those drives in the past 8 months. I'm just after something a little more grown up and it seems to tick my boxes.
  9. I can't think it would be too hard to refit as the spring is quite a weak one. It was more accessible than I realised when I actually found it I'm just in the process of ordering a Sachs uprated clutch (well once the Awesome Black Friday sale opens) so I might have to refit the spring after thats fitted for the wife but I hope not. Feels so much better without it though.
  10. Thanks Rick, I'll get the clutch sorted first then but will get a deposit sorted for this deal.
  11. Hello Rick, Just seen this offer, I'll pm Chloe in the meantime but would like to take up a custom stage 1 map if possible. I've fitted an TIP, modified airbox with filter (and res delete for what its worth). How much would a remap be in this instance? Car is a 2016 manual. AND..... I'm currently running a JB4 and the clutch is slipping very slightly. I will be getting this upgraded very soon but can the car be mapped with the existing clutch if I don't get around to it in time? Thanks in advance, Mike
  12. Cheers Andy, I've just had chance to stretch its legs and found that the clutch is still slipping and getting worse, now slipping in 3rd gear, so that will be getting changed in the next week or two. On the upside, a new clutch means more power. Going to get that swapped, take the JB4 off and get a custom Unicorn map.
  13. I've taken the assistance spring off at dinner time and just driven the car and it feels miles better without it. I'll see how I go, but think the clutch will still need doing, I've not been on a motorway as yet but can't see that the spring is causing the slight slip. I'll look into that bush kit as well, a few hundred quid here and there may help stop me thinking about selling the thing
  14. Thanks for the replies, I'll try the spring/clutch stop first then as it sounds a little less technical!
  15. I've just been having a look at the Auto instruct link elsewhere in this section and have come across the clutch delay valve removal feature. https://www.autoinstruct.com.au/manufacturer/volkswagen/mk7-golf/mk7-golf-clutch-delay-valve-removal/ One of my main gripes with the Golf is the gear change/clutch feel on my car. The car had 9.5k on the clock when I bought it and coming from a long line of auto/DSG cars including a Golf GTI Edition 30 the one thing that has stopped me gelling with my car is the awful gearbox experience. 1st-2nd gear feels very notchy and can crunch at times, it feels like you have to fight with the box during a spirited drive. I'm also experiencing some clutch slip now that I'm running a JB4 on map 2 (car now at 14k miles) so I am resigned to fitting a heavier duty sports Sachs or Helix clutch within the next month or two, but having read some of the benefits of this alteration on the auto instruct link I am tempted to give it a whirl this weekend. It is supposed to give better clamping pressure to the clutch plus give smoother gear changes. I must admit, when taking my time and fully depressing the clutch to the clutchstop and changing gear slowly it is ok, but you don't buy a performance car to drive in this sedate manner all of the time. I'm just wondering if anyone has carried the mod out and their thoughts on doing so? TIA. Mike
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