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  1. Jabbafumi46


    See profile pic😊. For me two wheels moves the sole and 4 wheels the body. Sadly I highsided the Mille and suffered life changing injuries, I haven’t ridden since. However, once a biker, always a biker.
  2. Jabbafumi46

    Lego GT3

    What model is it?
  3. Jabbafumi46

    Lego GT3

    All done, Bugatti next?
  4. Jabbafumi46

    Lego GT3

    Hours and hours of relaxing fun.
  5. Jabbafumi46

    Youtube videos

    Mark Higgins around the mountain course, not shabby when you consider the bike lap record is 135mph. It was set by Peter Hickman this year on a full WSBK spec BMW S1000rr
  6. Jabbafumi46

    Youtube videos

    Epic lap by Neel, doubt that will be beaten anytime soon.
  7. Jabbafumi46

    Lego GT3

    Nothing nerdy about Lego, I’ve found it very relaxing and therapeutic. 😂
  8. Jabbafumi46

    What’s the one thing you’ve always wanted to do?

    The Isle of Man TT, been number 1 on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. Finally did it this year with my two best mates and it was everything I expected and more. This may become an annual pilgrimage.
  9. Jabbafumi46

    Lego GT3

    It’s still work in progress, Some progress pics.
  10. Jabbafumi46

    Lego GT3

    You should, I’m busy with the drive train and just assembled the front double wishbone suspension. The thought and design that went into it is astonishing.
  11. Jabbafumi46

    Lego GT3

    My missus bought me the Lego GT3 for my birthday recently. I can highly recommend it for a rainy day, or even a sunny day 😊 I’m about half way through the drive train, the detail is incredible.
  12. Jabbafumi46

    Gift for petrosexuals

    Very cool.
  13. Jabbafumi46

    How old are we all?

  14. Jabbafumi46

    The new V4R

    The road legal V4R was only 4 sec off Johnny Rea’s pace at Jerez this week and only 3 sec slower than Bautista and Davies on full WSBK spec V4R. impressive, how much faster would it be with Davies or Bautista on board.
  15. Jabbafumi46

    The new V4R