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  1. R600VWG

    Hi VWROC members

    2015 wolfsburg edition with 7.5 bumpers lights and complete digital dash swap
  2. R600VWG

    Hi VWROC members

    I was more of a classic fan had v2 sti ra,v3 sti r , v5 sti ra and a bug prodrive my last car the v5 sti ra was running 450bhp spent a small fortune on it only for some daft taxi driver to drive straight into the side of it and write it off 😡 You are right with the point that subaru havnt moved with the times which is a shame really...
  3. R600VWG

    Hi VWROC members

    Just saying hi hopefully you all wont get fed up with my querys and questions🤣iam new to the golf r scene been playing about with subaru s for the last 17yrs thought it was time for a change 😎
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