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  1. As I've got Cadiz wheels I will only get the PS4, is that still the best option??
  2. My dealer keeps telling me its not due yet! you would think they would just take the money.
  3. Interesting that all who have had the Zero's didnt comment on the "tracking" of the car maybe I need to get the geometry checked. However, when I bought the car I was impressed by the straight-line acceleration with no torque steer but after the Pirellis were on I find the car no longer fun to drive. I'll get a new pair of tyres and see how it feels, maybe get the tracking etc checked while its in for tyres. Phil
  4. I understand what your saying, I always try to be sensible when parking but as we know it can happen. Interesting though, the Zeros on my now have amazing rim protection, there is a rib which stick out at least 8mm from the wheel so no chance of damaging the rim!
  5. Thanks, good info.. PS4 it is then. Do the PS4'S have decent rim protection? I dont want to be recutting anymore wheels at the cost they charge! Phil
  6. As the title says, I put a pair on the front and the car is awful now, it follows any lines or repairs marks in the road and if you floor it to overtake its got what feels like the worse torque steer ever, I hate driving it now. I'm going to change the tyres to the back and put something else on the front. One reason for the Pirellis was the nice big rim protector but thats the only good thing I can say about them. Just wondered if anybody has had similar problems. Phil
  7. Warranty is something I wondered about, do I have to ask/apply for extended warranty? and is it worth having?? Phil
  8. So the service has been done, Brake fluid change too. They told me the bonnet insulation isn't covered under warranty and it came back with the key fob battery warning still on the dash and no mention or comment from the dealer. Can't help feeing a bit annoyed, Indy next time for sure. Phil
  9. So my car is coming up for 3 years next month and 12k miles, is there any point in me taking it to VW for the service, will they actually look for any warranty issues I wonder? and what would be due on 3 years service, mileage irrelevant I guess. Thanks, Phil
  10. I'm with you on this, driving back from Gatwick the other night in the rain, the lights were awful, I'm sure my old MK6 had better low beam and it had halogen lights!
  11. I put a pair of Pirelli P Zero on my R, its ruined the car, just feels awful now, hard to keep the wheel straight on hard acceleration. I think I'll have to put these on the back and get something different on the front. I wanted something quieter which these are but at a cost...
  12. This seems like a sensible upgrade, I had it on my MK6, and do miss it now. I'm not sure the lines are that helpful anyway, but thats just my opinion.
  13. I do like the Red, looks better in 3 door I think.
  14. Awesome stance, looks so right to me.
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