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  1. This seems like a sensible upgrade, I had it on my MK6, and do miss it now. I'm not sure the lines are that helpful anyway, but thats just my opinion.
  2. I do like the Red, looks better in 3 door I think.
  3. Awesome stance, looks so right to me.
  4. Thats good, I could be interested in doing it myself in that case.
  5. Does it affect the MOT??
  6. PhilMill

    How Many?

    Mine just arrived, so tomorrow i'll be playing, just wonder how many of the changes are already done on later cars? I'm about to start reading the OBD thread 😉
  7. Welcome, you'll enjoy the R thats for sure.
  8. Very pretty, those Hondas are a lot of fun 😉
  9. Thats a massive increase on the Torque figures, I bet that's really noticeable. I'd be happy with that alone.
  10. What do those plastic ducts do? is it just to get more air to the brakes?
  11. PhilMill

    New owner

    Welcome and enjoy the cleaning, I find it very rewarding on this car. Phil
  12. Better if I actually put the picture up 😂
  13. I had a quick wash to remove 400 miles of dead bugs, god they do dry on! looks better now, I still love the Limestone Grey when its clean and shiny.
  14. PhilMill


    Yuk... you'll need to be careful getting that of!
  15. This will happily just use Wifi will it? I am going to use an old Samsung phone I've had knocking around but it won't have a SIM card, just connected to the wifi in the house. Thanks, Phil
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