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  1. I’ve got your detailing guide to try and get through and then I’ll get some on 😄
  2. So I went I view the car yesterday and I’m not a proud, and very happy, owner of a Golf R! May only be a car to most but it’s been my ‘dream car’ for a long time! Very happy to finally be in a position to own one - haven’t stopped smiling 😂
  3. Yeah, thanks a lot. There’s also some security in having 15 months VW warranty left. Thanks for everyone’s input 👌🏻
  4. Well... going tomorrow. But it looks more promising than it did earlier in the week. Managed to harass enough VW dealerships for them to give us more info. There’s no work been undertaken that causes too much concern. Couple of new alloys was one repair, a wheel refurb later on was another repair, an investigation into a key not working was a third and a replacement key following that investigation was a fourth. So I’ll have a look over it, check keys are working etc make sure I’m as thorough as I can be! Keep you updated!
  5. Thanks a lot - I’ll have my wife with me so I couldn’t if I tried 😂
  6. Some really helpful responses, that’s everyone. Hopefully I’ll get some clarity tomorrow. If not, back to the drawing board!
  7. I’m waiting for the dealership to come back to me tomorrow with any info but it’s not looking great I don’t think.
  8. I’m not sure - they didn’t specify whether it was replaced afterwards or not so that will be something I have to check when I go on Friday. Does seem strange that you’d have it removed though doesn’t it.
  9. Evening everyone I’m due to view and hopefully pick up my Golf R on Friday but have put the details into the VW App and come across the service history. I’ve tried to attach to this post so hopefully it works! Car was first registered August 2018. Had 2 owners. Called VW who cant be any more helpful than telling me to make sure both keys are fully functioning (Seemed like a hint!). They also tell me that amongst those events is rattle/buzz from rear, fixed wiring and removal of reverse camera. advice welcome - anything to be concerned about? thanks a lot
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