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  1. I cant say I've heard of that one, a quick google search and it seems like it's a bit of a combination of both? Is that something you use?
  2. Finally picked my Golf R up this weekend and I'm also going to treat myself to some new detailing products 😁 I've used BSD before and been very impressed with the protection it gives and the beading properties but doesn't give that "glossy" look that some others do. I have heard great things about Infinity Wax Rapid Detailer regarding a glossy finish but doesn't offer the same kind of protection as BSD, so I was wondering if any one has any experience with using these products together? Could I use BSD as a "sealant" after applying Infinity wax? or would that just nullify the effects of Infinity wax? Or maybe mix them together? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  3. Thanks mate. I’ve dropped him a message, wait and see if I get a reply 😬
  4. You sound a bit like all the kids in the Facebook group 😂
  5. Hi everyone, Just put down a deposit on my first Golf R after looking for almost 2 years. Just wondering if anyone on here has owned it before? The registration is SR65 DYG
  6. Hello Everyone, Just a quick question. Does the MK7 Golf R come standard with Bi-Xenon headlights and daytime running lights? I did try searching for this but I couldn't quite find a answer to my question. Apologies if this has been asked before. Thanks in advance.
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