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  1. You're such a perfectionist, Rebecca. Even your Photoshopped plates are flawless! 😂
  2. So your flat number is 1-9. That's over half ruled out then 😂
  3. Now that is a tasty shade of grey indeed...
  4. Bit of a PCP newbie, but is a high GFV or low GFV good? I guess low is better as if the value of the car is higher come trade in time, that will be equity?
  5. Just wondering, I guess people who go for custom wheels obviously won't be covered under warranty? Do you think the 19" Cadiz will be covered if corrosion occurred even though the wheel is not UK spec? Then again if you bought them from a UK VW dealer I would expect there to be some level of cover. Not sure if you purchase them from eBay though. Is there such a thing as wheel insurance?
  6. The first pic is an unbelievably good shot. The front looks amazing. I do think the Prets are best with white though. They are growing on me indeed. Or perhaps it's seanygils' editing skills working its magic
  7. Thanks for the replies. I do wonder if VW will include the 19" Cadiz at some point though. Hopefully they will. I've not specced up the R yet, waiting to get a test drive in first I think. I probably will not have a sunroof however though. The Pretorias are indeed much lighter. But in the real world will anyone actually notice the difference in weight through the handling or steering?
  8. Hi I may need to pick your lovely brains… I would very much like to place an order for a new R but the only reason I have not done so is because I cannot spec the 19" Cadiz (strangely I prefer these over the Pretorias ). What are my options, order the wheels from somewhere like Germany or Ireland and have them fitted here in the UK? If that is a possibility then do I order R with: 1) standard 18" then buy 19" Cadiz and 4 new tyres (then sell 18") or 2) 19" Pretoria then buy 19" Cadiz, swap tyres and sell Pretorias? Would this be classed as a modification as it's not strictly a UK manufacturer option? Or is this whole idea ridiculous and not feasible? Thanks in advanced.
  9. Do you think the 19" Cadiz will be available via import? Surely other countries will have them as an option? Really don't understand VW's logic tbh.
  10. I really don't understand why the range-topping Golf doesn't come with leather when the S3 gets nappa leather as standard - that's a saving of £2,615! I really love the look of the 7R and the 5 door will be perfect for me but I'm still undecided whether to go for the R or S3 (granted the Sportback looks too much like an estate). Actually thinking about it, didn't the 6R come with leather later on? Also I really hope there's an option for LED headlights…
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