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  1. All done and really pleased, now to start the mods 😁
  2. Collected the car Thursday in the rain, first few days and it's like I've never been away from my previous R, I'm really happy with the car. Getting the car detailed this week as there's a one or two things I want sorting, nothing major just a bit machine polishing to do and a ceramic coat applied. It looks tremendous in indium grey with black prets and black mirror caps, I've had plenty of comments from people at work about how good it looks! I'll try and get a few pics put up after it's been detailed.
  3. Aye, they have a margin and give you what you think is the best deal, they just move the profit margin about. apologies to @Booth11, very bad of me.
  4. I’ll be keeping it for around 3-4 years so if it saves me a few quid then it’s worth it.
  5. Thanks lads, what’s your views on the service plan? Car is indium grey, black prets, black mirror caps but apart from that standard, it has everything I would want on a car as standard. Looking forward to Thursday, it’s going to be a long week at work! It’s been a long 3 years away from the R.
  6. Well that’s the deposit paid! Got another £200 off the car, it was up at £29299 ended up getting it for £28299, happy with that. I’ve also looked at the service plan, got two services for £295 I think, I also mentioned the haldex service after 3 year and before I had time to finish he mentioned the filter on the pump! Stupidly didn’t check with the insurance company first but fortunately it’s only £16 to pay until the end of my policy and then I’ve had a quote £346 for the next year. Pick it up Thursday after work, thanks for all the comments and
  7. This car is going to be my daily, I’m swaying towards the Golf R for this particular reason. Something in the back of my mind keeps telling me not to rule out the Type R but as some have said the looks are a bit ott. I find the interior along with the infotainment in the Golf better as a whole but the seats in the Type R are fantastic. Performance wise there doesn’t feel much in it, I thought I could feel the turbo lag more in the Type R but that manual gearbox is an absolute joy! I’ve listened to many peoples thoughts on this and watched/read ma
  8. That is exactly it, it looks great from the front but a bit in your face everywhere else!
  9. We'll test drove both cars and it hasn't helped! I so wanted the Type R to be a bit crap but it was brilliant! I've got some thinking to do tonight haha
  10. My views completely about the Golf. I learnt quickly after owning my previous Type R that posting something similar on that forum isn’t as well accepted compared to here, plenty of people were a bit shouty (a bit like the Type R) 😉. With each passing hour I’m leaning more back to the Golf R.
  11. Will do mate, my heart is telling me the Golf at the minute. At 47 I’m possibly a bit too old to be driving around in a Type R!
  12. It is a tough decision, the Type R is a 19 plate with 4K on the clock and I’ve got both down to 28.5k. The payments are about £12 more for the Type R so it’s negligible. Both great cars but very different, I’m going to test drive them both before I decide this weekend.
  13. I’ve owned the previous Type R which was awful for an everyday car, my wife had the S3 when I had my previous R and I recently got rid of my M140i after some quality issues. I loved my first Golf R and I believe they’re the best all rounder and one of the best cars I’ve had. The price is very competitive on this one too.
  14. Hello all, Im thinking of returning to the R fold. I’ve been offered a 69 plate R, indium grey with prets for £28400. The car has 2500 miles on and is immaculate. im also looking at the Type R but the looks are a bit in your face. I’m glad I’ve got two different cars on my shortlist. Thoughts?
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