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  1. Hi, i've tweeted VW re this as i'm in the same boat. There will be an update available (paid for at dealer £100) to add app-connect functionality to MIB2 units, with dealers from Oct/Nov
  2. jwalker84


    Hiya, (off topic sorry) had the lease offer for the Mini Cooper via email, what is the lead time on these cars? Thanks
  3. jwalker84

    Cooling off period

    If you sign away from the premises there is no way to waive your 14 day cooling off period, it's part of the distance selling regulations, as above though if you sign at the office it doesn't apply.
  4. jwalker84

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 1 - Closed

    Looking good, I think the screen size brings it up to expected standards now. Do you have Carplay/Android Auto on yours Adiq?
  5. jwalker84

    Car Net does have a SIM card option

    Mines being delivered to me on 22nd of this month, i'll let you all know then!
  6. Hi mate, Chris is in charge of the fleet cars there so most likely him if you're leasing.
  7. jwalker84

    Car Net does have a SIM card option

    Hi mate, when are you getting yours from Sinclair? Let me know if you have any joy as they are supplying mine too! Or do people think this would be a VCDS option? Neg? Lol
  8. jwalker84

    Car Magazine's Long-Term R Stolen

    Exactly what I thought to be honest list price, bhp etc very similar to the R...
  9. jwalker84

    Car Magazine's Long-Term R Stolen

    It's been found!! According to Bens twitter it has been recovered, not sure if it was damaged...
  10. jwalker84

    neg's Oryx White R

    Hi Neg, liking your VCDS work! My Tornado red R should be with me within the next 2 weeks and wondered if you'd mind hiring out your services to do some of the mods you have to yours? Based in Wolves. Tried to PM but as a lurker I don't think I have the privilege yet!!
  11. jwalker84

    Help with Spotify and standard HiFi

    Ok great so when connected via Bluetooth you can skip tracks? And does it display Spotify album art? Thanks
  12. Hi guys, first time poster/long time lurker here! Golf ordered March, next week is my build week . Just need some help from Spotify users, when using the MDI cable can you skip songs via steering controls? And does the album art display? Also the same questions regards to using it over bluetooth.. Also is there a big drop in quality when streaming as opposed to connected. Just about to order a phone mount but will depend on the optimum way to play spotify as to which mount I choose! Thanks in advance!