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  1. Fair enough, I thought it was one of those things where you're better off just paying the charge than forking out for the replacements. I guess that's just scratches, rim scuffs etc.
  2. Car is going back next Saturday and all I've done so far on it is the service and oil change and put it on that LL service which means I won't have to touch that side of things again, together with a changing of the front two tires. Apart from a small few scuffs together with some minor rim damage I'm worried about the rear tires having low tread, may be below the limit (going to get them checked tomorrow). Question is shall I fork out for the new tires this week and put them on or just hand back to Alphabet / National Fleet Services with the worn tires and get charged for them?
  3. I would look at a second hand example as buying from new will drain you of dollar.
  4. Yes it's a daily driver, wife drives it far more than me as I commute to London via train and she works five minutes away. I take it to the gym three times a week and use it on the weekends as our "go-out" car. Golf R is intended to be a daily, it's not exactly a supercar. I couldn't imagine any hatchback not being a daily...bar certain exceptions.
  5. Thanks for the above illustrations. I've contacted Oracle and they gave me a quote on a 2016 RS3 valued at around 31k of the follows: Deposit = £3100 Monthly = £390 - 410 Then a GFV payment or hand the car back...is this reasonable?
  6. So if I intend to pay deposit and monthly payments and return the car at the end of the term no questions asked, my credit file is safe? And the above applies for if I have equity in the car and put it towards a new one?
  7. What do you mean by this? Do you get penalised for not being able to pay a balloon payment at the end of a PCP?
  8. Dont want or have the £30k outlay commitment, would rather pay monthly so I can budget the monthly payments. Ill try and get some initial figures together to see what they’re currently looking at.
  9. All sounds very positive. I have got my heart set on one of these but I need to get one on a lease deal and the figures need to stack up. I mean I got very fortunate to get my R on £246 a month for 2 years so am hoping for something decent from the lease company for a slightly older model priced at around £26-28k which could happen by the time I get to renew which is in Nov/Dec
  10. Do you have any examples of these online that are around my price point? If they do turn out to be similar price points then I will definitely pull the trigger on one as the differences between the pre facelift and recent models are negligible from my POV except for 33 hp...meh. I'd go with a reputable dealer such as Oracle for a decent price quote. -
  11. So I leased this from vehiclesavers back in December 2016 and am now sitting here having had a great time in the R two years later. The car is very impressive, it was a step up for me having come from a 220BHP motor. It shows how a car can be used every day and also pushed into sport mode and driven spiritedly yet at the same time not being hard (at all) on the wallet. Build quality is on point and am hard pushed to find any other car out there in the market that provides this at the price point. Things that I feel are lacking for me (so a personal opinion) are:
  12. I think the OP referred to the VW badge not the R badge...
  13. Hello, Hoping this place has more action than the lease boards!! Had my 7R for 19/24 months sitting at around 15k miles with front two tyres looking like they need a change. My question is with regards to looking at the BVRLA guidelines, they state: Replacement tyres should be in the same class as those which are sold on the new vehicle Does this mean what what the car has on them from new? The ones I had were Bridgestone Potenza S001s (can someone confirm a brand new R standard spec comes with 225/40R18 Y 92?) The list available
  14. Is this BVRLA referring to the £150 allowance? I’m not aware of this...
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