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  1. Pumatron

    Prince Philip.

    The evidence we needed. 😂
  2. Pumatron

    Lego GT3

    I smell more LEGO porn incoming 😜👠
  3. Pumatron

    New daily driver help £5000 budget!

    Skoda Octavia? A quick search on auto trader revealed a 2011 1.6 diesel with 61k on clock, and a DSG gearbox. All for under £5500. Just a thought...
  4. Pumatron

    Stupid Car Names

    SsangYong Rodius. Yummy.
  5. Pumatron

    Stupid Car Names

    The Perodua nippa.
  6. Pumatron

    Stupid Car Names

    Renault WIND🌬️ 💩
  7. Pumatron

    My new car....Once I win Lotto

    How about eating in the Golf R? Is that disgusting and deprived enough? I am one sick puppy 😱
  8. Pumatron

    Secret eating

    I’m sorry but I’d have to sell the car. Cheese and onion crisps eaten in a car, oh my Lord!! Eating in a car should hold a custodial sentence. It really should. 😤
  9. Pumatron

    The BEST anti-theft device yet ! :-)

    Oh the Gingham ones are lovely 😍 Ermmm... I said that out loud didn’t I..
  10. Pumatron

    Warning, this will make your eyes bleed

    I Really like it. I think it is very pretty on every angle and a lot of thought and time has gone into improving the look with that awesome body kit. If only the doctors would let me out of this padded cell as I’d be straight down to the dealers to buy it. 🐩 I might need a hand with this straight jacket as well.
  11. Pumatron

    Golf R Thefts

    Let’s be honest it’s a pretty poor time to have anything “nice”, you just have to protect your things as sensibly and as best you can. Don’t try and stand from the crowd and be conscious of your surroundings. Take some advice on financial protection and buy those products you feel fit your life. All you can do really. 😐
  12. Pumatron

    The best colour

    The colour doesn’t affect how quick it goes....😉
  13. Pumatron

    Today's poll

    Not with a 12v cleaner I won’t. I usually bring the 240v generator and the Dyson for a bit of real suck action. 😜 My Dogging name is “Sir Henry suck a lot” 😂
  14. Pumatron

    Today's poll

    Yep, I’m totally with you on that. The R is for best. The runabout is for everything else, having said that, there are still rules to abide to. I DO however allow breathing in the runabout 😂.
  15. Pumatron

    Today's poll

    Mmmmm, if “that” happens I hold court and carry out investigations into the guilty party. The sentence is usually harsh, and no early release for good behavior. 😉