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  1. Latest update…. the thieves somehow disabled location services (probably changed the privacy setting in the incar menu) but I noticed on the app last destinations and trip distance details that the car travelled from West London to Manchester. then they completely disabled We Connect from within the car anyone in this area. Keep a look out
  2. Mine was slightly over 12 months so they are calculating a value for settlement.
  3. Really good point. It was 29th April 21 registered so might have a challenge on that. But I will read my policy in detail and see the conditions
  4. Oh crap. I wish I researched this better ! Oh wells. At least I have something.
  5. Oh. Dam. I have ALA Back To Invoice Plus Policy. Looks like that was a mistake because now the level of finance contribution and discount is significantly less
  6. Yeh. Thankfully. I’ve got back to invoice GAP insurance. but will be interesting to see how this work is given our cars are selling for higher than new ?
  7. Tried the app. Looks like they disabled it as it’s showing constantly at the same location (which i searched and neighbouring areas) and couldn’t find or see it
  8. Sorry to say. My beloved Golf R was stolen yesterday in South Buckinghamshire area (Iver) from my house in an burglary. The thief broke into my house. Stolen the keys which were in a RFI box and stole the car. was last seen at 0530hr heading towards Harefield area (London west) my car was very high spec with leather, heads up display, upgraded wheels and pano roof. probably now on false plates! Please be aware and contact the police if you see it.
  9. I went for the P4S and i must say, they seem very grippy and quiet (road noise) …
  10. I think i will go for the PS4S … interesting to read everyone’s views!
  11. At just over 1 year old and 16K miles later, its time to replace the tyres… what rubber are you running? I’m considering a set of the Michelin pilot sport 4s
  12. Anyone noticed or had a squeaky steering when manoeuvring at low speeds ? Mine sounds like either steering rack or front suspension related?
  13. What did they say on the suspension issue? Mine does the same
  14. Interesting … mine always starts in D and not S ….
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