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  1. Looked like it had Bentley type stitching pattern… and blue piping …. Even the door cards were trimmed
  2. I saw this parked up and what I spotted was this unique interior (sorry for the poor pic) … wonder if it’s factory? if the owner is here. Lovely car!
  3. Service was done yesterday … was painless… unfortunately they didn’t give much detail on the spec or what they did. But it does sound better, less chatter on idle…. Unfortunately the software bugs are still there!
  4. Yeah… i got service pack and just about on 9,000 miles… i wonder if mine is the highest mileage car out there !
  5. My April ‘21 delivered car is due its first oil change in less than 1,000 miles… has anyone else been for their first oil change and did they have any other work done (warranty or recalls?)
  6. Just when i thought my bugs were a distant memory…. Has anyone else experienced “rear radar error’ and ‘travel assist’ errors?
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