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  1. does anyone know how many 6r's were produced ?
  2. cheers guys.....looks like I'm moving lol
  3. my garage is only 2400 wide and was wondering if i will be able to get out the car when in the garage ? a 3 door is out of the question., has anyone got similar ?
  4. Does anyone think the 6r will become a classic,due to the low amount produced ?? Bit like the focus rs mk2 ?? was thinking ov getting a 7r, but the due to the amount produced I think they are going to deprecate very quickly a bit like a mk2 focus rs and a mk3 focus rs. will the 6r be cheaper to insure as the 7r is getting nicked al the time due to mass production aswell ?
  5. I'm in the same boat and same budget and same region lol, daft question, when you at lights, or waiting in traffic etc,should you put it into p or n to reduce wear on anything ???? i take it p is just like leaving the car in gear ? with the auto handbrake, if someone rear ended you would it disengage and go forward into the car infront as if driving away ??
  6. Are the clutches the same as mk7 Dare I ask how much a clutch is ? just drove a 64 plt with 14k on and the clutch was on the way out
  7. Does anyone have the length of the front doors,3 door v 5 door,this will affect the how easy it is to get in and out in a car park,or small garage like mine !
  8. Just test drove my first r @ Evans halshaw..... drive was spot on but car is a dog,holes in rear leather seat,holes in door cards (both sides),and a dent in the roof ! just thought I'd pre warn anyone
  9. I'm in the same boat ...which will hold its value the longest,as an investment ???
  10. Does anyone know what the final production numbers are for the mk6r ?
  11. Scottw


    Hi,I'm thinking of getting a mk6r,is there a buyers guide or any major faults to look for ? Is the engine the same as mk5 ed30 ? ,As I believe it's not the same as mk6 gti with all the timing chain issues !
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