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  1. ariharry

    October 2018 Nav Update

    Finally got around to installing the updates. First time I’ve done it since buying the car. Positives : Straight forward to install. I’ve got a gen 2 discovery pro unit. Used the VW software to prepare the SD card. Negatives : The update only covers the maps. It does not update the firmware of the unit. I had SW version 1077 before and after the installation. I also checked the download directories and didn’t find any firmware images. Looks like VW are still stuck in the 90s when it comes to nav software updates ... !
  2. ariharry

    WLTP pushed back again

    I’d hate to think what would happen to WLTP cars if the Uk exit the EU without a deal...! More paperwork, more delays...
  3. ariharry

    October 2018 Nav Update

    That’s interesting. I thought that the update was for maps only, not a full firmware update (I’ve not bothered with the update thinking it was just the maps ..). I shall give it a go!
  4. ariharry

    Car Net.. Yay or Tin foil hat time

    I agree with you. I’ve got a Pro 7.5 unit and think that the VW navigation implementation is excellent when compared with other cars I’ve owned. I’ve also used waze and google maps through Android auto, and I’ve noticed little difference with the quality of route guidance. Waze has crowd sourced information which is nice, plus speed cameras (useful), but I always default back to the pro units navigation due to the integration with the car digital cockpit. The traffic updates through an internet connection are also great, usually accurate, unlike the crap TMC system the car defaults to if you don’t supply an internet connection..
  5. ariharry

    Drive the Deal

    DtD asked me to pay off the finance after the 2 week window, to not upset the dealer and maintain the DtD / dealer relationship I genuinely forgot and paid it off in the 2 week window, though the dealer seemed OK (possibly through gritted teeth)..
  6. ariharry

    Golf R and Golf GTI no longer

    There is a slow push toward encrypted CAN / Flexray comms, and as you say there is paranoia around hacking autonomous drive systems. Control units are also consolidating into large SoCs, ones that consolidate several functions (digital cluster, matrix headlamp control, etc), and those devices shall have signed and encrypted firmware. Hacking devices to enable new functionality will be hard, though I expect it will attract people to hack cars as has happened with smartphones today, e.g. “jailbreaking” for cars
  7. ariharry

    Golf R and Golf GTI no longer

    Agreed. Next gen cars will have most of the hardware with features enabled through subscription or one time payments.
  8. ariharry

    DCC or not and why?

    Don’t care about economy. Just an observation when playing around with the car settings. Eco mode disables a few features which Is interesting (technically). Normally drive in normal mode.
  9. ariharry

    DCC or not and why?

    Has anyone noticed a difference in eco mode with DCC? I’m sure that the ride is more harsh whilst in eco mode, which may suggest that the dynamic dampening aspect is somehow switched off to save fuel .. .. though I’m probably imagining it (highly likely ).
  10. ariharry

    Why did you buy a Golf R?

    R estate, no car comes close for the money. I spent weeks comparing boot sizes, technology, reliability, handling, etc, of different brands. Having had an 7 R hatch helped, but ultimately found that the estate ticked most boxes. Reliability was also super important as I hate dealer visits, and the reliability of current and previous VWs have consistently beaten the few BMWs I’ve had. It will be a sad day when VW discontinue the R estate ....
  11. ariharry

    Rattling dash Mk7.5

    The dealer removed the lower trim under the steering wheel and re-seated the knee airbag, so it isn’t something you can easily do yourself.
  12. ariharry

    Rattling dash Mk7.5

    Yes, around 2,500 - 3,000 RPM. Your rattle conditions seem similiar to mine, and I had also ruled out most of the rattle hot spots.
  13. ariharry

    Rattling dash Mk7.5

    Mine was the knee airbag. The service centre refitted the airbag and I’ve been rattle free since.
  14. ariharry

    New To The Golf R - Boot Space

    Had the hatch and now estate/variant/wagon. I found the hatch inconvenient, especially for stuff like food shopping (including stroller). Thought long and hard about buying the estate as I prefer the look of the hatch, though day-to-day convenience won out. No regrets, and the estate look has grown on me!
  15. ariharry


    I expect the new golf to utilise the new parts bin for the dash from the new Touareg called the ‘Innovation Cockpit’ ..