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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, First post on here. Sorry if it's been mentioned before but I can't find anywhere which specifically mentions rear heated seats. I got my Mk8 yesterday and it's great. Love it. However, the controls for the heated seats and climate in the back don't seem to work. I've tried to adjust the temp and activate either of the rear heated seats but nothing happens. Do I need to activate something in the menus or should they just work? Thanks, Phil
  2. Hi, I'm sound proofing my Mk8 golf R line. Has anyone got experience or pictures , instructions on how to remove the inner wheel arch covers and the interior ?. Thanks in advanced.
  3. Hi, Anyone in Worcester with an OBeleven? I want to switch the dam lane assist off. I will gladly pay.
  4. Hi guys, stuck between getting a mk7.5 outright with prets for around 28k. Or leasing a mk8 9+23 10k miles for 370pm. I only intend to keep it 2 years either way, just no sure which one to do! The mk8 will be black with standard spec, whereas the mk7.5 will be pre opf and with prets, but the mk8 is faster! Not sure how the sound compares in the stock exhaust. What are your thoughts, mk7.5 outright or mk8 lease?
  5. So, with the current details available to us, what are your current thoughts or intentions towards purchasing a MK8 Golf? Are you a dead cert to pick up a model at some point, undecided or disappointed on whats on offer? It would be good to see what the current general consensus is.
  6. Auto Express has some interesting early images of the possible Mk8 styling. Also mentioned is increasing hybrid tech across the range, a general move toward touchscreen tech and away from physical buttons, and the retention of MQB chassis base. Unfortunately Turmeric Yellow lives on in the photos 😂 Apparently, the Mk8 R will boast a power increase to 350BHP....
  7. Golf R Mk8 There has been quite a lot of comment about the styling tweks on the FL 7.5, with a lot saying they'll just wait for the Mk8. The mark 8 golf is probably only 2 years away (base models first, of course) so this concept video may not be too far wide of the mark? It may not materialise like this, but I hope they rethink the "squinty eye" front headlight appearance. Reminds me of the civic type R (esp in red) and that can't be a good thing.. Suggest play video on mute...I think they got the background music from a seedy soho nightclub! Lol.
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