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    7.5 R big spec low miles Golf r 7.5 2018 with just 16000miles Panroof tilt and slide Digital Dash Car apple play/android Full heated leather DSG gearbox Special colour silver white 19inc pretoria Fvwsh


    Co down , Co down - GB

  2. Al hold tight buddy on that one.. ad rather a rear camera retro fitted if I was to do anything but thanks all the same pal..
  3. 2018 buddy.. 1k lol al happily just use the stalk.. I had this feature in my 2015 R but that was 4years ago from I've had my last R and only had it for a few months..
  4. No wonder I hadn't got sign recognition..
  5. No it's not on mine.. really like who specs a car and doesn't have that option lol.. Thanks all the same for the help on this matter.. Mk7
  6. No am mostly in individual mode.. it doesn't look there's a camera in the windscreen or is it in the VW sign in the front grill... just a thought
  7. Ahh no I don't think I have either dam..
  8. No I don't seam to have the A for auto.. al have to check wen home to see if there's a camera in the windshield.. but on another note my headlights do a we dance on startup does this mean anything.. thanks for the replys
  9. Hi I've led headlights but mine don't seam to dip/go on full light.. they turn with the wheel but don't go up on full beam on dark roads..
  10. I am looking to get the boot lights as break lights.. from the UK lights are incandescent thanks
  11. Ok so where will I find the settings for my R.. or what do I need...
  12. Is these the same settings for a 2018 7.5
  13. Hi sorry to hijack.. am looking inner boot lights as breaklights 7.5 r any help please
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